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50 employees of Zrak were fired Info

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50 employees of Zrak were fired  Info

More than 50 workers of the Sarajevo company “Zrak”, which has been under bankruptcy since April, were dismissed based on the first-instance verdict, after which there was a verbal conflict, so the police and the ambulance arrived, said the president of the “Zrak” union, Amir Demirović.

Source: Mondo/Haris Krhalić

“Bankruptcy administrator Mesud Bogilović retroactively resigns, with the termination date on April 14 of this year, after which workers cannot register at the office, nor have their contributions been paid. More than 50 workers were fired this morning,” said Demirovic.

He explained that 55 workers had an employment contract, and about 20 worked on the basis of a work contract.

Demirović said that the bankruptcy administrator provoked the workers with his performance, after which there was a verbal conflict, and then the police and the ambulance arrived, which had to intervene because four workers had high blood pressure and sugar.

“Bogilović told the workers to settle the claims in the fifth month, but we submitted it all to the bankruptcy court. He deregistered us on April 14 and thus deceived us.” added Demirović.

He pointed out that the workers have not received any salary since the bankruptcy administrator came, according to the federal media.

According to him, the Austrian company with which “Zrak” has signed a contract has already warned that the damage to the budget of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be more than 10.5 million euros on the first lot of the contract alone.

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“We are waiting for the second-instance verdict. After the first-instance verdict, the bankruptcy administrator tried to do everything to stop the production. Based on the Law on Consolidation, we sent an appeal to the Cantonal Court,” said Demirović.

The workers announced that they would hold a strike and that they would persevere in the fight for denied rights.


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