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5G Private Network for the Smart Port WINDTRE Business project in Genoa

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5G Private Network for the Smart Port WINDTRE Business project in Genoa

Tests for 5G Private Network solutions have started at the PSA ITALY terminal in Genoa Pra’

WINDTRE, through the WINDTRE BUSINESS brand, and the PSA ITALY terminal in Genova Pra’ have started a collaboration project for the creation of a Smart Port in the Ligurian capital.

PSA’s need was to identify, for its Genoa Pra’ terminal, a new 5G radio coverage system and connectivity to the company data centers on which to base its mobile IT services for the next few years; furthermore, all network traffic had to be confined within its own port terminal.

The initiative will lead to the design, construction and installation of a high-performance 5G Private Network in the port terminal. A reliable, secure and expandable solution, capable of providing high-performance connectivity, with reduced network latencies, to meet the specific needs of a port and industrial environment, which require ease of use and very high levels of reliability.

PSA ITALY, part of PSA International (PSA), world leader in the management of container terminals, is present in the ports of Genoa and Venice, in particular in the terminals of PSA Genova Prà, PSA SECH and PSA VENICE – Vecon, for a total of over 2 million TEUs (container measurement units) moved every year and more than 1,000 people directly employed in Italy.

In 2015, the PSA ITALY terminal in Genova Pra’ launched a global renovation project of the area, with the aim of making the operational reality even more efficient, modern and safe. The objective that guides the organization is the continuous search for innovative solutions to create a strategic center capable of responding to market needs, to support the local and global economy.

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To support this evolution, WINDTRE BUSINESS has identified for PSA Genova Pra’ an infrastructure capable of responding to the needs of 5G radio coverage and connectivity to the company data centers, keeping network traffic confined within the terminal, a possible functionality only thanks to the installation of a 5G Private Network.

We are at the Proof of Concept, an important step for this project, developed with WINDTRE BUSINESS, in which we believe very much: our company has an investment plan in new technologies, a market need that also and above all involves terminals and logistics – underlines Francesca MarchelliHead of IT of the terminal PSA ITALY in Genoa Pra’ – 5G is the first step to face future technological challenges that will impact the market and this project will enable us to develop new IT functions to support the Business which will allow us to be even more competitive.

Through the Smart Port project we intend to contribute to the digitalisation of a productive sector such as the port sector, which is strategic and of great importance for our country, in which technological innovation can provide a very significant contribution to greater competitiveness and efficiency of the infrastructures” commented Maurizio sit down Chief Commercial Officer di WINDTRE “The initiative represents excellence in the field of services made available by WINDTRE for the Business market thanks to the creation of a highly reliable and secure Mobile Private Network, replicable in different logistical and industrial contexts”.

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