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6 dead in North Carolina shooting

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Original title: 6 dead in North Carolina shooting: gunmen committed crimes in many places and a large number of police cars were dispatched

Overseas Network, October 14. According to Reuters and CNN, a shooting occurred in Raleigh, North Carolina, on the 13th local time, killing 6 people.

Raleigh police said the six dead included a police officer who was not on duty that day. A white teen with a long gun has been targeted as the shooter, but he has not been arrested. Police advised local residents to stay at home.

After the incident, the city of Raleigh dispatched a large number of police forces to hunt down the gunman and ensure the safety of residents, and multiple law enforcement agencies participated in the investigation. An interviewed woman said, “I have never seen so many police officers in the area, and this is what really worries me.” (Overseas Network Li Meng)

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