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6 Facts about the Chandrika Chika Drug Case

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6 Facts about the Chandrika Chika Drug Case


Celebgram Chandrika Chika was arrested by the police because of a drug case. Chika is suspected of abusing drugs with five of her friends who are also Instagram celebrities.

South Jakarta Police Deputy Head of Narcotics Research Unit AKP Rezka Anugras accompanied by Head of Narcotics Research Unit AKP Tasyuri released the arrests of the 6 celebgrams, Tuesday (23/4/2024) evening.

Here are 6 facts about the case:



1. Identity of 6 Instagram Celebrities

The six celebgrams were arrested at the Karet Kuningan area hotel, Setiabudi, South Jakarta on Monday (22/4/2024) at 23.00 WIB. One of those arrested was presenter and celebrity Chandrika Chika.

“AT (24) female, MJ (22) female, AMO (22) male, initials CK (20) female, BB (25) male, AJ (27) male. That’s right CK (Chandrika Chika) ,” said South Jakarta Metro Police Deputy Narcotics Unit AKP Rezka Anugras at his office, Jl Wijaya II, Jakarta, Tuesday (23/4/2024).

HJ is known to be Herli ‘Jeixy’ Juliansah, known as Aura Jeixy or Herli Juliansyah. He is a pro e-sports game player.

2. Evidence

AKP Rezka Anugras said that during the arrest they found evidence that showed they were suspected of using drugs.

“The evidence that was seized was one vape pod or electronic cigarette containing marijuana-type narcotic liquid. The liquid pods contained marijuana,” said AKP Rezka Anugras.

3. Urine Test Results

AKP Rezka Anugras also explained that not all were positive for using marijuana. One of those who tested positive for marijuana based on urine test results was Chandrika Chika.

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“Four people tested positive for marijuana and 2 people for methamphetamine. The marijuana ones were AT, MJ, CK (Chandrika Chika), AMO. And methamphetamine were HJ (Herli Juliansyah), BB,” he explained.

4. Gathering to use drugs together

Police said the six were a group of friends.

“They are a group of friends and usually hang out there. They take turns using (e-cigarettes containing marijuana liquid),” said AKP Rezka Anugras.

5. Reasons why Chandrika Chika and 5 friends use drugs

Regarding the use of marijuana, the police said it was commonplace in Chandrika Chika cs’s circle. They also don’t have a specific purpose for using drugs.

“Earlier we also asked the suspects that there was no special purpose for using drugs, such as maybe doping or not,” said Deputy Head of the Narcotics Unit, AKP Rezka Anugras.

“But because it is social, both people in the circle frequently use drugs, so perhaps this is something they think is normal,” he added.

6. Legal Status

AKP Rezka Anugras emphasized that Chandrika Chika and 5 of her friends had been named as suspects.

“The article we use is Article 127 of Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning narcotics with a sentence of approximately 4 years,” he said.

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