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A fallow year: retrospective from November 2022 to November 2023 on nadiasmile.mondoblog.org! – Impact

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A fallow year: retrospective from November 2022 to November 2023 on nadiasmile.mondoblog.org!  – Impact

A whole year since I published anything on this platform. It is a year full of experiences and challenges. An almost total absence on digital. A long break…which did me good.

Life is in constant motion. On the other hand, you have to know how to stop very often to ask yourself real questions. I deliberately chose to disappear from this platform as well as social networks to better focus on my personal and professional life.


These things I wish I knew

Books to forgive yourself

On a personal level, I took the time to face my old demons (hurts and regrets from the past). I agreed to move towards my healing by validating my emotions while letting go of my masks. I agreed to make myself happy and to be at peace with my being. Above all, I learned to validate myself and stop depending on the gaze or affection of others.

Reading the authors, like Napoleon Hill et Lise Bourbeau helped me enormously. “ Perform miracles » by Hill et « The healing of the 5 wounds » by Bourbeau are masterpieces of soul healing and self-actualization. Having devoted valuable time to exploring the pages that follow, I find myself ready to share the lessons and reflections that I have drawn from these readings.

The healing of the 5 wounds

Lise Bourbeau invites us to practice acceptance of all experiences. Nothing is bad or good in itself. By accepting without judgment, we can observe and learn.

Cover of The 5 Wounds by Lise Bourbeau Cover of Achieve Miracles by N. Hill

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Perform miracles

“Only the person who makes a given experiment has the right to call it a failure or any other name; no one else has the right to comment on this experience” N. Hill. Napoleon Hill invites us to be the captain of our soul and the master of our destiny.


Sorry, having a baccalaureate is not a goal!

A busy life

Between writing my dissertation and the quest for experience to develop my career in Monitoring-Evaluation, it was very difficult. Ultimately I did internships in two different local NGOs. I was able to submit my dissertation for the defense of my professional Master’s degree in Educational Planning.

During an activity with beneficiaries of the NGO Halsa International

And Mondoblog in all this?

So what exactly is my presence on Mondoblog? Does this article mark a definitive return?

I plan to periodically create content on nadiasmile.mondoblog.org (ImpAct). However, I don’t want to comment on the frequency of publication at this time.

So, yes it’s a return after a long break and self-development.

With love,


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