Home World A family of ten innocent people killed in Afghanistan, US military said airstrike was based on “reliable intelligence”

A family of ten innocent people killed in Afghanistan, US military said airstrike was based on “reliable intelligence”

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  A family of ten innocent people died in Afghanistan, the US military said the airstrike was based on “reliable intelligence”

U.S. media reported on the 10th that the “Islamic State” personnel claimed by the U.S. military who died in the airstrike in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan on August 29, were actually local employees of a U.S. civil organization. The so-called explosives on the vehicle were actually buckets filled with water. The airstrike caused the deaths of 10 civilians, including multiple children, instead of the three claimed by the US.

The US Department of Defense responded that it was “still evaluating” the results of that air strike, but still insisted that the air strike was “based on reliable intelligence.”

  [“Looks like” and blows up]

A spokesperson for the US Central Command announced on August 29 that a U.S. drone attacked a car in Kabul on the same day, lifting the threat from the Afghan branch of the Islamic State to Kabul Airport. Some US officials said that the car contained explosives and suicide bombers, posing an “imminent threat” to Kabul Airport.

However, the US “New York Times” interviewed relatives and colleagues of the deceased, and analyzed the video captured by surveillance cameras. It reported that the US targeted for airstrikes was not actually a member of the “Islamic State”, but an “aid organization” headquartered in California. “The Afghan employee named Zamarai Ahmadi.

Ahmadi is an electrical engineer in his early 40s. He has worked for this American organization since 2006 and lives near Kabul Airport. On the morning of the air raid, he drove out to work as usual, stopped at several locations on the way, picked up his colleagues, and took a portable computer from the home of the local director of the organization to his office. After get off work in the afternoon, he drove several colleagues home and then returned home. As soon as he drove the car into the yard, he was hit by a Hellfire missile launched by a U.S. drone.

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Before leaving get off work, because there was no water at home, he collected the water in a container at the work place, put it in the car, and prepared to take it home. Surveillance video released by The New York Times showed that a security guard helped Ahmadi fill multiple plastic buckets with water hoses. “I filled those buckets with water and helped him put them in the trunk.” the security guard said.

The report quoted several US officials as saying that after a white car left a house about 5 kilometers away from Kabul Airport, it was spotted by a “MQ-9” “Reaper” drone hovering over Kabul. . The US believes that this building is a stronghold of the “Islamic State”. These officials said that the US intercepted the content of the conversation between the people in the “base” and the motorist, and the former instructed the latter to go to multiple locations. The United States did not know the specific identity of the driver, but in the end it was “convinced” that the car and the driver constituted an “imminent” threat to Kabul Airport, and a “tactical commander” ordered the removal of the target. At about 16:50, the “Reaper” fired a “Hellfire” missile.

These officials said that although the car was in a densely populated residential area at the time, drone operators quickly scanned the scenes returned by the drone and only saw an adult man approaching the car, thus “reasonably determined” that the air strike was not Will cause the death of women and children and other non-combatants.

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A colleague who took the Ahmadi car said that the trajectory of Ahmadi’s movements that day was no different from a normal working day, and there were only buckets in the trunk of the car, without explosives.

  [“All innocents”]

The US military initially claimed that there were no civilian casualties in the airstrike, and later said that it might have caused the death of three civilians. However, many media previously quoted witnesses and relatives of the deceased to report that the airstrike caused the death of multiple people in a family, including children.

The New York Times quoted Ahmad’s relatives as saying that 10 people in total, Ahmad and his family members, died in the airstrike, most of them children.

Ahmadi’s relatives recalled that Ahmadi drove the car into the yard, his nephew stepped forward to help move the water, and the children happily stepped forward to greet him. Before the car was turned off, there was a loud noise, the window glass was splashing, and flesh and blood flew everywhere.

Relatives said that Ahmadi has applied to travel to the United States. His nephew has served in the US military and has also applied to travel to the United States. He plans to marry his fiancée in the near future and take her to the United States. “All of them are innocent,” Ahmad’s brother Aimar said. “You said he is an’Islamic State’ (member), but he has been working for the Americans.”

The chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milly and other military officials previously defended the legitimacy of the air strike, saying that a second explosion occurred after the car was blown up, showing that the car was loaded with a large amount of explosives.

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However, the “New York Times” reported that there was no evidence at the scene that a second explosion occurred. Some experts who watched the video and photos believed that the evidence clearly showed that the scene was hit by a missile, but judging from various signs, there was only one shock wave from an explosion at the scene. Chris Cobb-Smith, a security expert who served in the British Army, said: “The credibility of the intelligence or technology used to determine this is a reasonable target is seriously questionable.”

Regarding the New York Times report, John Kirby, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense, told the Russian Satellite News Agency that the US Central Command “is still evaluating” the results of the air strike and has no comment at this time. He reiterated that the airstrike was launched “based on reliable intelligence” and “we still believe” that it eliminated the “imminent threat” faced by the US military stationed at Kabul Airport.

A suicide bomb attack occurred outside the Kabul Airport on August 26, killing 13 American soldiers and wounding 18 others, and at least 170 Afghans were killed. The “Islamic State” claimed to have launched this attack, and the US military subsequently launched air strikes to prevent more attacks. According to some Afghans who were on the scene at the time, after the bomb attack at the airport, the US military opened fire on the crowd. (Hui Xiaoshuang) (Xinhua News Agency Special Feature)


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