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– A giant elephant in the room

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– A giant elephant in the room

– I am the least ambitious winner so far, says Dora Thorhallsdottir. Photo: Anton Soggiu / TV 2

Everyone thinks one of the others is sauntering away. Nobody dares to say that to the person concerned, believes the “Torpet” winner.

Thursday 8 February at 14:57

The short version

  • Dora Thorhallsdottir won the “Torpet” final on Wednesday and criticizes the participants for being “conflict-shy” for not talking to Unni Askeland about the irritation they are carrying.
  • Askeland is big farmer for the second time and is guaranteed a place in the final week.
  • Thorhallsdottir says she had a conversation with Askeland – without a camera.
  • Askeland says she did not receive direct feedback about being lazy on the farm. The artist herself believes that she was not lazy, and that she contributed significantly in the kitchen.

Sea view

On Wednesday evening, Dora Thorhallsdottir (50) won the “Torpet” final, but was later chosen as first champion.

– The thought of winning was never present before the final. Then I started to realize that it would actually be fun to win, she says to VG.

In Wednesday’s episode, she says there is a “world championship in conflict shyness” among the participants.

The reason is that Unni Askeland (61) became big farmer for the second time, and thus secured a place in the finals week – thanks to her companion Emma Ellingsen (22), who lost Sunday’s duel.

Unni Askeland on the farm. Photo: Anton Soggiu / TV 2

Askeland received criticism the first time she was a large farmer, that she herself did not contribute enough. The same applies now.

– There is a giant elephant in the room, and it is that everyone thinks Unni does almost nothing. It’s just backbiting, really, says Thorhallsdottir to the camera.

– When the person in question is not confronted, it becomes an irritation that is noticeable, but is not put into words. I’m not a fan of that, she continues.

Dora with her sister Bjørg Thorhallsdottir. Photo: Anton Soggiu / TV 2

Thorhallsdottir tells VG that she asked the other participants why they did not confront Askeland directly.

– I don’t think they were conflict-averse necessarily, but they said there was no point. Unni was aware that we were annoyed that she did little, and yet she did nothing about it, so then they capitulated instead. That was the attitude I felt they had, she says.

She says that she chose to take Askeland aside – off camera – to ask her if she understood the irritation that she was sitting on the sidelines, while the others worked.

– When I addressed the situation, I got it out of the system, and it didn’t bother me as much, says Thorhallsdottir.

– Was in the kitchen all the time

No one directly told Askeland that she was lazy on the farm, she tells VG.

– I only heard that my food was very good, and that they were full and satisfied, she says.

However, she was content to become a big farmer once more.

– It was really cool. Then I came up a notch from the working class again, and finished reading Moby Dick and began the biography of GoyaFrancisco de Goya was a Spanish painter and graphic artist in the 19th century. He developed into a socially critical artist, according to SNL. – absolutely wonderful.

Askeland explains that she has no particular interest in general farming. Since the beginning, she was in the kitchen and says that it was she who more or less ensured that there was food on the table.

– I was in the kitchen the whole time. It has almost never come to light.

Unni Askeland says that she sometimes got help from the other participants while she worked in the kitchen. Photo: Anton Soggiu / TV 2

– Do you yourself feel that you were lazy on the farm?

– That I was lazy? Not at all. You have to remember that we are back in 1924 and have to cook from scratch, and that takes quite a long time.

However, she admits:

– When I become a big farmer, I become a big farmer. Then I make use of it a little. I have no problem being a diva.

Askeland: – Does not read comments

Thorhallsdottir, who had the main responsibility for cooking on the farm, agrees with Askeland.

– There is a big focus on all the physical work when the mentor comes. Cooking appears as more invisible work. The fact that Unni made lunch and dinner very often has not come across so clearly, she says.

In addition to cooking, Askeland has been responsible for several tasks on the farm, including sewing bathing suits and wedding dresses.

The participants with the circus at the «Farmen» farm. Photo: Anton Soggiu / TV 2

Askeland says that the response after the participation has been exclusively positive.

– But I don’t read comments. To ride (Behn, journ.anm.) told me that I should never read what the internet trolls write on social media, she says of her late artist friend.

– I think I have made a good impression. It will be very exciting next week. Finals week will be great fun!

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