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a minor died from the disease

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a minor died from the disease

The National Public Health Surveillance System reports 591 cases of dengue in Cesar so far in 2024. 65% of the cases are alarming and 1.7% are serious.

The Secretary of Health of Cesar (e), Juan Carlos Mindiola, assured that this Thursday they are in Pailitas and Curumaní in committees to monitor the outbreak, since “work must be articulated between everyone. This is a social problem, it is essential that the community also collaborates to reduce the outbreaks.”

The municipalities most affected by this disease are La Jagua de Ibirico with 36 cases; Curumani, 34; Aguachica, 28; Pailitas, 23, Codazzi, 21 and Becerril, 18.

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What is dengue?

According to the Ministry of Health, dengue is an acute viral disease that can affect people of any age, especially children and older adults, caused by a virus transmitted through the bite of infected mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti).

Dengue mosquitoes occur in urban areas with altitudes below 2314 above sea level and an average temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. They lay their eggs in clean water reservoirs such as swimming pools, vases of aquatic plants, tires, buckets of water, and any outdoor container that can store water.

Recommendations against dengue

Therefore, it is important to prevent the disease by avoiding water tanks that serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

  • Frequently change the water in animal waterers and vases.
  • Cover the containers with water.
  • Eliminate trash accumulated in patios and outdoor areas.
  • Eliminate tires or storage in closed places.
  • Wash and brush tanks and pools, among other recommendations.

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