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A new book lists the most important rockers in history

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A new book lists the most important rockers in history

The music journalist Anabel Velez publishes a new book dedicated to women in the world of rock. “rockers from A to Z” (Redbook Ediciones, 23) reviews the main female names that have been part of rock history.

“rockers from A to Z” is the new book, which is already on sale, by the music journalist Anabel Velez who reviews the main names of all the women who have influenced rock so that the genre is as we know it today. The texts are accompanied by the artist’s illustrations mousy.

Women have been part of and have been heavily involved in rock culture since its inception. great figures like Janis Joplin, Patti Smith o Tina Turner They left their mark on the history of music and the genre. And that they had to constantly fight with a society that denied them the important role they had in this world. Rock would not be as we know it if it were not for those women who helped forge this musical style linked to rebellion.

That is why this book reminds us of the history of all those artists who were present at all stages of rock. Anabel Velez is a journalist specializing in music and genre. She is editor-in-chief of the web culture and regularly collaborates with the route 66 magazine. The writer has written several books, such as “Rockers, Superheroines or Women of Rock: their story” among others.

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