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A new Manga Publishing House arrives: MUSUBI EDITIONS

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A new Manga Publishing House arrives: MUSUBI EDITIONS

The brand new independent manga publishing house
arrives on the market from January 2024.

“There are many works still forgotten in Italy, many authors still to be discovered and
stories to read. We want to bring these titles to light. There is a lot of competition, it’s true, in
Italy as elsewhere, but you have to bet. We focus on the stories, which we read and
Let’s read it again, they may be few, but excellent.” (Marcello Cuomo)

MUSUBI EDIZIONI is the name of the new independent manga publisher in Italy, which
will arrive in all bookstores, comic shops and on the official website www.musubiedizioni.it starting from
January 2024 with its first publication. The publishing house was founded by Marcello
Cuomo, a manga enthusiast from Bari who, after studying Publishing and Journalism, decides
to make the leap from collector to publisher

Our brand was born with the intention of creating an editorial collection designed around narrative genres, ranging from ACTION to DRAMA, from COMEDY to HORROR. Each volume has a colored label on the spine based on the vibe it intends to convey. Our intent is to acquire licenses for the most recent titles on the Japanese publishing scene, which have engaging stories, to build readers’ loyalty to a publishing house that responds to their needs.

The MUSUBI EDIZIONI logo recalls mizuhiki, the art of tying knots to decorate gifts. The verb “musubu” means “to bind”, “to unite” and reflects the goal of connecting our readers to the stories we publish in a large community of readers.

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The debut arrives on January 25, 2024 with the first title: COLORLESS by KENT, recently concluded in Japan with 7 volumes: a sci-fi action set in a dystopian future. The story tells of a world deprived of colours, of a humanity that is now deformed. In secret, a researcher, Avidia, studies the power contained in the last remaining fragments of color and decides to protect a mysterious girl, Chie. Each volume will cost €7.90 and will have the classic 13×18 cm format, embellished with numerous color pages per volume.

The second title acquired is a semi-autobiographical gem by the author Fumiko Fumi, which we are proud to bring to Italy for the first time. It is LOVE AND CURSE, a dramatic and psychological manga about the life of Aiko in a small rural reality, a little girl who lives a difficult childhood amidst sexual violence in the family, an oppressive cult and an indelible anger. Designed as a trilogy, each of the three volumes tells a phase of the protagonist’s life, Fumiko Fumi’s manga has been praised by authors such as Shuzo

Oshimi for his style, progressively more “adult” as the protagonist grows, and contains, within the first volume, an exclusive interview between the author and the famous mangaka Inio Asano. The release of the first volume is set for February 22, 2024, at the price of €7.90.

We consider it essential to be active on many social media, from Facebook to Instagram, from X to TikTok, with announcements, news, promotional videos and special initiatives for the public. The official website www.musubiedizioni.it is also designed for collectors, with exclusive gadgets and bonuses.

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Many projects are cooking for MUSUBI EDIZIONI for the two-year period 2024-2025. For the first year, the intent is to publish at least 5 different titles, with different stories and genres. In fact, we are currently working to expand the collection with new licenses and exciting stories. What we can reveal to you is our new initiative regarding a manga to be published for the CULT collection: we would like the title to be
chosen directly by readers. On our website there is a dedicated section, called “SUGGEST A MANGA”: through special polls we will choose a title that is expressly requested by readers and we will undertake to publish it in full.

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