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A number of areas in Padang City are flooded!

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A number of areas in Padang City are flooded!


A number of areas in Padang City, West Sumatra, were flooded due to heavy rain that occurred since Thursday (7/3/2024) afternoon. Hundreds of houses were submerged up to more than one meter.

According to detikSumut monitoring, flooding occurred in a number of locations. Among others, Banuaran Village, Lubuk Begalung District and South Limau Manis District. Heavy rain is still pouring tonight.

A joint team from the TNI-Polri and Padang City BPBD worked together to evacuate residents whose houses were submerged in water. Using rubber boats, residents were evacuated to safer places. One of them, a family that has a baby. The family managed to stay on the roof of the house waiting for evacuation assistance to arrive. They were then successfully taken to a safer place.



Apart from Lubuk Begalung, flooding also hit Limau Manis Selatan Village, Pauh District, specifically in the Pondok Permai area. Here, a house belonging to Basyiruddin located at RT 05, RW 03 was damaged by the flow of the Limam Manis river. Some buildings were destroyed and his valuables were carried away by the flood.

According to Basyiruddin, the river flow behind his house had been repeatedly reported and asked to be repaired, but it had never been done.

“We have long proposed to the government that this be strengthened and addressed, because we see this is very dangerous. We have submitted it to the government four times. Governor (West Sumatra) Mahyeldi has also come, but until today, this is what happened. So far there has been no response ,” he said.

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There is no official data yet on how much impact this disaster caused. Currently, residents whose houses were flooded have been evacuated to mosques and other safe places.

Flood victims currently need dry clothes, blankets, food and baby equipment.

Watch the video “Explosion Occurs at PT Semen Padang, 5 Employees Injured”
[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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