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Abe: Japan should cooperate with AUKUS in the field of network and AI | Shinzo Abe | Artificial Intelligence | Cyber ​​Security

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[EpochTimesNovember192021](Epoch Times reporter Chen Ting comprehensive report) Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called on Friday (November 19) that Japan should form an “AUKUS” security alliance with the United States, Britain and Australia. Collaborate on intelligence (AI) and cyber security.

In September of this year, the United States, Britain and Australia formed the “AUKUS” security partnership, allowing Australia to obtain US nuclear-powered submarine technology. The outside world widely believes that the agreement is a response to the CCP’s military threat in the Indo-Pacific region.

On Friday, at the “Sydney Dialogue” online conference organized by the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy (ASPI), although Shinzo Abe did not directly mention the CCP, he said that the regional security environment has become “increasing severe”.

He pointed out that for the “Quad Security Dialogue” (Quad), the biggest challenge is to maintain “free and open order, such as freedom, democracy, rule of law, and free trade” in the next few decades.

“If these goals are achieved, countries around the world can become more prosperous by sharing the fruits of development in the Indo-Pacific region.”

Abe said: “The key to realizing the freedom and openness of the Indo-Pacific region is to ensure the mid- to long-term participation of like-minded countries in the Indo-Pacific region. From this perspective, I welcome the establishment of AUKUS.”

“I think Japan should participate in AUKUS cooperation in the fields of network capabilities, artificial intelligence and quantum technology,” he said.

Abe also emphasized: “Although technological innovation is accelerating at an alarming rate, technology should not be misused or abused for malicious activities such as oppression and surveillance.”

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In recent years, due to military pressure from China, Japan has actively strengthened the relationship between the United States and other friendly countries, and at the same time strengthened its own defense capabilities.

Previously, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that although the AUKUS alliance will start with nuclear-powered submarines, it is expected to accelerate the development of other advanced defense systems, including networks, artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

At this meeting, Shinzo Abe believed that Japan and Australia can further deepen their strategic partnership.

“Considering the increasingly severe regional security environment, it is necessary to elevate Japan-Australia bilateral security and defense cooperation to a new level.” He said.

Shinzo Abe is the longest-term prime minister in Japanese history. Last week, the “Hosoda faction”, the largest faction of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party, decided that Shinzo Abe would take over the chairmanship, and the “Hosoda faction” was officially converted to the “Abe faction.”

Earlier, Japanese media reported that Shinzo Abe planned to visit Taiwan next year. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expressed its gratitude to Shinzo Abe for his support and friendship to Taiwan, and welcomes him to visit Taiwan and communicate with people from all walks of life.

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