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Abidjan is dying of heat ~ dohouatt

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Abidjan is dying of heat ~ dohouatt

For two months, a major heat wave has been shaking West Africa and more particularly the city of Abidjan (Ivory Coast). Global warming has become a reality from which it is now impossible to escape… Every year it gets hotter and hotter! The city of Abidjan resembles a fiery furnace. In addition to having to endure this heat, Abidjan residents have to deal with electricity that constantly cuts out, running water that no longer comes out of the taps and dust that swirls in the streets. Abidjan is hot, much too hot… We can no longer stay outside, the population takes refuge in houses.

Extreme temperature: 40°C inside buildings!

In West Africa, this time of year normally corresponds to the dry season. People are therefore used to the heat. So, when we complain about the heat, we might think that we are talking to say nothing, we might think that we are not saying anything important, like when we talk about the succession of day and night…. because ultimately there is nothing new! But this year, it’s definitely warmer than usual.

It’s really hot in Abidjan. Hotter than it should be. When there is electricity, even fans and air conditioning make no difference: the discomfort is insurmountable. Alas! This heat wave benefits some: flies and mosquitoes have found a second youth… Add to that inflation and bills which have increased by 10%how are we going to get out of this?

Subterfuge to joke about the heatwave

This afternoon, the thermometer on my phone showed 40° Celsius, yet, I was in the shade, in a bank! The kind of place where the air conditioning is always on full blast. I refuse to imagine the temperature outside… Two hours earlier, I was on the verge of feeling unwell and collapsing on the sidewalk. To escape certain heatstroke, I first went into a pharmacy but it was unbearable, it was even hotter than outside. I went to the corner of the street, there was a banking institution. I walked in and sat down like I was a customer. I stood there for a while, waiting for my body temperature to regulate.

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Infernal heat

The heat wave currently hitting the city of Abidjan is on the verge of completely losing your mind. This has been going on since January. Abidjan is hot. The fervor aroused by the African Cup of Nations made us put things into perspective. But, with the excitement of the CAN over, we can no longer deny the reality. It is so hot. There temperature is stifling. It’s been weeks since it rained. Not a single drop of rain. Dust everywhere. Throughout February the temperature continued to rise. It’s so hot you want to open your fridge and dive inside.

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Abidjan sweats

Abidjan is sweating profusely; she sweats profusely. She is not the only one to suffer this heat wave: all of West Africa is affected. Something in the celestial mechanics, like a bolt, must have blown. THE global warming, which many of us saw as a figment of the imagination, is now upon us. More than ever, we are on the verge of roasting since we are already browning! In a heatwave, as we are currently experiencing, the dream paradise will not be made up of virgin girls and streams of honey (as we are used to hearing) but rather of rains of ice, because it is so hot!

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