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Addiko banka’s most successful business year | Info

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Addiko banka’s most successful business year |  Info

The continuous stability and innovation of Addiko Bank Banja Luka contributed to the achievement of the best business results on the financial market of the Republic of Srpska over the past 11 years.

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In addition to the significant growth of loans for consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises, Addiko banka Banja Luka achieved a profit of 12.6 million KM during 2022, which represents a growth of 33% compared to 2021.

“Addiko is the first specialist bank in Republika Srpska and we really have many reasons to be proud of the results we have achieved in the past period. Every fifth consumer loan placed in 2022 is an Addiko loan, that is, we placed more than 20% of the total placed consumer loans last year. Our clients, with the minimum required documentation and only one visit to the bank, received an average response within 60 minutes, and the average time for loan disbursement is 24 hours, which was confirmed by relevant market research. In addition to extremely successful active support for consumers in all segments of their lives, we also doubled the number of SME clients – small and medium-sized enterprises in 2022 and achieved the best business result in the past 11 years”, said Srđan Kondić, President of the Management Board of Addiko banka ad Banja Luka and added that the trust of clients and the business community in the responsible management of deposits contributed to Addiko, during 2022, recording a growth of 24 million KM in this segment as well.

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Source: Addiko banka/Promo

In the current period of inflation, the bank closed the year 2022 with a very low share of bad loans of 4.6% and coverage of these exposures with reserves of as much as 90.7%. Also, in the analyzed period, the assets of Addiko Bank Banja Luka increased by 22.6 million KM compared to 2021, and the capital adequacy is 21.3%, which is a result that is significantly above the prescribed legal minimum and above the average of the banking sector. .

“The formula for our success is constantly listening to the needs of clients on the market, continuous improvement of digital tools, which enables clients to complete a large number of transactions with the bank online, i.e. simpler, faster and more comfortable. We are here to support them wherever and whenever they need additional encouragement, both in the realization of ideas and in overcoming challenges. Above all, our success is made by our employees, towards whom we have an approach of an essential and not a formal nature, which was confirmed by the recognition that Addiko banka Banja Luka received as the Most Desirable Employer of the Financial Sector of the Republic of Srpska in 2022”, stressed Kondić, who thanked Addiko team for their dedication, as well as clients for their trust, which, he added, the bank continues to nurture intensively in the future, providing a modern digital experience that includes simple and fast access to banking services to all existing and potential clients of Addiko Bank Banja Luka.

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