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Adiconsum’s observations on the AgCom resolution on call centres

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Adiconsum’s observations on the AgCom resolution on call centres

Adiconsum responded favorably to the public consultation called by the Authority and, on the occasion of the hearing, presented its observations.

Resolution 436/22/CONS
“The discipline and quality of the assistance service in the sector of electronic communications and audiovisual media services”

Adiconsum also shares the need to assist consumers with additional digital tools to the existing ones, such as the call center, which must continue to be the first form of contact with the company, just as it believes it is essential to continue measuring the quality of the service offered.

Digital technologies are now quite pervasive and the pandemic has forced practically everyone to use digital tools.

However, it should be remembered that the age of the population of our country is quite high and the majority of over sixty-year-olds still prefer to opt for the analogue system (telephone contact), rather than the digital one (digital contact).

This is why we believe that including digital contact among the methods of contact with the company is also useful for improving the literacy of the population and, therefore, desirable and no longer postponable.

Adiconsum also underlines that the regulation that will be decided on the methods of contact between consumers and companies must provide for procedures distinct in case of requests relating to possible disservices, which could generate disputes, and all other types of contact.

Contacts between consumers and the company relating to requests for possible disservices, faults and complaints, regardless of the contact tool used (both digital, telephone or written).):

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  • must always be free for the consumer
  • they will have to guarantee the identification of the consumer holder of the contract
  • they must always be traceable and the related documents available on a durable medium available to the consumer
  • they must always be identifiable with a complaint number compulsorily provided to the consumer by the company, even if the consumer does not request it
  • must be measured, with specific indicators, to determine the quality of the service offered.

If the company uses digital contacts, it will have to allow the consumer to use any method of his choice, regardless of those offered.

Furthermore, each contact method must be modular between the various opportunities offered (telephone or digital), regardless of how it was generated in the first phase.

In the case of digital contacts which require the absence of operator intervention, it must always be guaranteed to the consumer to be able to quickly switch to a contact with an employeeespecially if the communication relates to possible disservices, faults and complaints.

All the changes and implementations that the company will make to be contacted must be indicated and explained with the utmost clarity and transparency in the Service Charter dedicated to the consumer.

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