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Affair with Cora Schumacher? Now Oliver Pocher speaks plainly

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Affair with Cora Schumacher?  Now Oliver Pocher speaks plainly

“Well, Oli, the funny one from Kölle.” With these words, Cora Schumacher (47) revealed an affair with comedian Oliver Pocher (46) in the jungle camp. But he denies the liaison in his podcast – and the ex-racing driver reacts promptly.

In the clip: Oliver Pocher denies the affair with Cora Schumacher

Since Cora Schumacher (“I have a bit of a crush”) hers romantic feelings made public in the jungle, Oliver Pocher never made a clear statement about the alleged affair. During his “Liebeskasper” tour, he initially just made fun of the woman who voluntarily left early every evening. “I just had sex with Ralf, then Cora came in and then we just continued” or “We met in the library – she borrowed a coloring book,” were some of his comments cynical comments.

But he never showed a clear edge. Until now. In the latest episode of his podcast “Die Pochers! Freshly Recycled” he placed a denial. However, again in a very confusing way.

Oliver Pocher suggests: Did Cora Schumacher just imagine the affair?

The actually eloquent, otherwise sharp-tongued comedian put it this way: “There is not a single thing between me and Cora Photo or some story or something else.” This offers – depending on your reading – a formidable back door for the truth and is another one hidden accusation to his estranged wife Amira (31), who had the audacity to get caught while on vacation in South Africa. There it was clearly ambiguous paparazzi shots and story headlines given en masse.

But, says Pocher in a podcast conversation with his ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden (40), there is something different: “There is simply a person who tells something that in their perception should have happened – and that’s it. ” That could also be interpreted like this: Cora Schumacher is imagining something that didn’t happen. But Pocher didn’t say it with such clarity.

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“Liar”: Cora Schumacher reacts on Instagram

He made no secret of the fact that it annoyed him that everyone believed Cora. In the podcast he still spoke favorably about Schumacher. He wishes her “only the best.” He was also compassionate understanding: “There is certainly one or two topics that she has to work on.” Calculus?

The “Liebeskasper” still shied away from making a clear statement. Cora Schumacher, on the other hand, had one for her 286,000 Instagram followers (as of February 23rd, 10:44 a.m.). Statement is cleared: “Girls, it’s better to close the door if some ‘love fool’ shows up at your door again,” she wrote about a funny video in which she used a fake voice “Men with Problems” leaves out. With the caption she alluded to the way in which she remembered things at the time affair developed. In the jungle, Schumacher said: “I’ve known Olli for 20 years. He asked if he could come over. I was happy to open the door for him.”

Schumacher included meaningful hashtags under her Instagram post. “Liar” (liar) could be read there as well as “truestoryiscoming” (true story follows). The drama of emotions and perception is likely to continue.

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