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Afghan women protest against the Hazara genocide

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Afghan women protest against the Hazara genocide

Women’s protests are also rampant in Kabul. Dozens of women from the Hazara minority took to the streets in the Afghan capital to demonstrate following the suicide bombing of a school that killed 20 people on 30 September. Most of the victims were young women from the Hazara community, the country’s Shiite minority disliked by the Taliban.

A bomber blew himself up yesterday in a school in the capital where hundreds of pupils were taking tests in preparation for university entrance exams in the Dasht-e-Barchi area. The neighborhood in western Kabul is a predominantly Shiite Muslim enclave and home to the historically oppressed Hazara community that has been targeted in some of Afghanistan’s most brutal attacks in recent years. Police said at least 20 people were killed, but the United Nations set the number at 24. Today, about 50 women demonstrated shouting “stop the Hazara genocide, it’s not a crime to be Shiite” as they marched in front of the Hazaras. Dasht-e-Barchi hospital where some of the victims of the attack are hospitalized.

There is still no absolute certainty as to who the instigators of the attack are. in the past these massacres have been claimed by the local branch of the Islamic State, the province of Khorasan, which has the Shiites as a priority target. But the Taliban, a de facto authority since the summer of 2021, are also on trial.

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