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Afghanistan: Continued bombings in Jalalabad Pakistan calls on the international community to support the Taliban | Afghanistan News

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Local sources told Al Jazeera reporters that when an explosive device was detonated in the city of Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan, two security personnel were killed, four security personnel were injured, and two civilians were injured. On the other hand, Pakistan urges countries around the world to support the Taliban government to achieve stability in the country.

According to local sources, a remote-controlled explosive device on one of the roads attacked an intelligence agency’s vehicle on the Amir Shahid street in the first district of the city. In addition, gunshots were heard after the explosion.

Al Jazeera’s Kabul correspondent reported that the Taliban movement and police are deploying in the area, trying to sort out the area and find the perpetrators of the bombing.

No party has claimed responsibility for the bombing, but ISIS, which announced last week that it was responsible for similar bombings in Jalalabad, said it will continue to launch attacks in the city, especially since the city is its own. A stronghold.

The three bombings that occurred on Wednesday targeted the city of Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar Province. These attacks caused deaths and injuries to the Taliban movement and civilians.

In a statement released via social media, ISIS pointed out that the organization was responsible for the series of bombings that occurred in Jalalabad last Saturday and Sunday, and stated that these outbreaks have resulted in the death or injury of more than 35 Taliban personnel.

Aid and sanctions

Although the United States insisted on imposing sanctions on the Taliban, it also paved the way for aid to Afghanistan-the U.S. Treasury Department said it has issued two general licenses.

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One of the licenses allows the U.S. government, non-governmental organizations, and some international organizations, including the United Nations, to conduct transactions with the Taliban or “Haqqani” networks sanctioned by the United States, as long as such transactions are efforts to provide humanitarian assistance Necessary.

The second permit allows for partial transactions related to the export and re-export of food, medicines and other materials to Afghanistan.

On the other hand, US Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby said that he has not yet reached an agreement with the Taliban not to use Afghan airspace in counter-terrorism operations.

Kirby emphasized at the press conference that the United States retains the ability to advance such a process.

On the other hand, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his speech at the United Nations General Assembly, urged countries around the world to support the current Afghan government and help it achieve stability, because this is beneficial to everyone.

U.S. partner

In other statements to the US magazine Newsweek, Imran Khan stated that the Taliban can become a partner of the United States in the process of establishing peace in Afghanistan.

He also pointed out that the international community needs to work together to prevent the failure of the Kabul political process. He also pointed out that the United States directly cooperates with the Taliban in the process of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. It can cooperate with the new Afghan government to promote common interests and peace. The region is stable.

On the other hand, the Republican leader of the Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, Michael McCall, called on the Biden administration to inform Congress of intelligence reports and diplomatic cables about Afghanistan before the U.S. military withdrew from Afghanistan.

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McCall believes that intelligence assessment and diplomatic information at this stage are very necessary information to understand how it has affected the withdrawal process.

McCall gave the Biden administration a 30-day grace period to submit relevant reports to the U.S. Congress.


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