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Afghanistan, explosions and shootings in Kabul. The Taliban claim

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ACCEPT – Two very violent explosions followed by shootings and grenade launches bloodied the center of Kabul: the first took place near the residence of the Minister of Defense, Bismillah Khan Mohammadi, escaped unharmed because he was not at home at the time. Three victims and at least seven people injured.

The attack was claimed by the Taliban militia. Afghanistan is experiencing a moment of great instability three months after the final withdrawal of foreign troops from the country, on 1 May. The Taliban are advancing and after having conquered several rural districts, they have launched in recent days to conquer the main cities, including Lashkar Gah, a crucial hub in the south, as well as Kandahar, where the movement was born and the second city of the country, and the Herat itself where the Italian base was.

Afghanistan, US and NATO troops leave Bagram air base

by Giampaolo Cadalanu

The second blast was followed by a few smaller explosions in the city center, not far from the Green Zone, the heavily protected and fortified area, where several foreign embassies are located, including the US mission.

The United States in the last 72 hours have resumed air strikes. The double bombing in Kabul comes after 40 civilians were killed in 24 hours and was picked up by the UN mission in Afghanistan, which “deeply concerned” urged “to stop fighting in urban areas immediately”.

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In the city, tension and fear builds as the artillery shells and the sound of planes approach and intensify. Witnesses from Lashkar Gah report that the government lies about the resistance from the military, with the defense of the city left in the hands of the police alone. At the same time, supplies of food, medicine and fuel begin to run low and the city is literally cut off from the rest of the country.

Afghanistan, Taliban offensive on major centers: assault on Herat, Lashkar Gah and Kandahar

by Giampaolo Cadalanu

President Ashraf Ghani he accused the US of having “hastily and suddenly” withdrawn, leaving the country to itself. The situation has in fact precipitated after the withdrawal of international troops and already concluded at 95%, well before the deadline of 11 September indicated by the US president, Joe Biden.


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