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Afghanistan, Isis claims the attack on the Kandahar mosque

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Isis claimed responsibility for the massacre in Kandahar, the Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan, where an attack on a Shiite mosque left at least 47 dead and 70 wounded. “There are dozens of deaths and injuries among polytheist renegades in an operation that targeted their temple in Kandahar,” the Islamic State said in a statement.

Afghanistan, so Isis opens a new front for the Taliban

by Antonio Giustozzi

The Afghan arm of ISIS, Is-K, had also signed last Friday’s attack on the Gozar-e-Sayed Abad mosque – in the north-eastern province of Kunduz. It is the first time that Isis has struck in Kandahar, a move that marks an escalation in the confrontation between Isis and the Taliban.

Afghanistan, attack on the Shiite mosque in Kandahar: “Dozens of dead”

by Mattia Sorbi

Since they came to power on August 15, the ‘Koran students’ – who have made returning to security in the country after twenty years of war their priority – have faced a wave of bloody attacks launched by the rival Sunni group. ‘Is-K.


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