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Afghanistan, “Nonlasciamolesole”: in support of women, today the national demonstration in the Italian squares

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ROMA – Today the Pangea Foundation will be in Piazza del Popolo, in Rome and in other Italian squares alongside Afghan women, united in solidarity and with a “P” drawn on the hand – which not only represents a symbol of freedom but also an effective pass for evacuation from Country – to protest and protect human and civil rights that cannot be negotiated. Here is the list of the squares involved.

Women’s protests. The initiative, from the slogan “Today more than ever #Nonlasciamolesole”Was born in the wake of the numerous demonstrations that arose spontaneously (some as early as two days after the capture of Kabul) in all the provinces of Afghanistan, many of which were organized only by women. Women of all ages who, for taking to the streets to claim their freedom and their rights, some of which have been painstakingly won over the last twenty years and of which they are now again deprived, suffer retaliation by the Taliban who violently invade their homes, deprive them of the means of communication and threaten, as well as their very lives, the right to study.

What is claimed. “For all and all of them we ask – he says Pangea – that women’s rights are not a subject of negotiation or go backwards with respect to what had been achieved in Afghanistan: education, work and the possibility of demonstrating for everyone and everyone; that women can participate in political life and be at international tables on peace mediation processes for Afghanistan as required by UN resolution 1.325 on “Women Peace and Security“; a permanent observatory on women’s rights in Afghanistan, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the UN, to monitor the condition of women and intervene on violations; an extraordinary humanitarian evacuation plan for those who want to leave the country, with particular attention to women who have greater difficulty in finding safe escape routes; a reception plan in Italy for asylum seekers that respects gender issues and takes into account the stories of violence experienced by women in their countries of origin, during their transit and upon arrival “.

Pangea has been active in Afghanistan for 18 years. Pangea Foundation has been operating in Afghanistan since 2003 and has involved more than 7,000 women in its programs who, thanks to the activities of the microcredit and increase in opportunities project, have managed to achieve economic and social emancipation now at risk by the new government. Priority of Pangea in the dramatic days of the Taliban conquest was to rescue the Afghan staff, made up of about 300 people, women with families and underage children. Once in Italy, they will be accompanied on the welcome and integration path through language teaching and job placement. But immediately to help and support those who have not managed to escape and risk violence and retaliation for their activism, Pangea is once again active in the Afghan territory, with the opening of a shelter house in Kabul and with the intention of creating more in other areas of the country. Here all the information to be able to make a donation for the project “Afghanistan Emergency “.


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