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Afghanistan, the Taliban: no cooperation with the US against Isis-K

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“We are able to face Daesh (ISIS) independently”. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said this in an interview released by the American media, excluding cooperation with the United States in the fight against Isis-K in Afghanistan. Yesterday the jihadist group claimed responsibility for its latest attack on a Shiite mosque in Kunduz, which resulted in at least 55 victims. A delegation of self-styled Koranic students meets American envoys in Doha today and tomorrow, for the first time since the US withdrawal in August.

In the meeting, the Taliban delegates asked for “positive relations” as well as the release of international funds. Foreign Minister of the interim Taliban government, Amir Khan Muttaqi, said in a statement that “high-level” delegations from both sides “held detailed talks” during the first day of the summit. After this weekend’s talks with the United States, the Taliban also expect to meet an EU delegation in Doha soon.

On the rights of women and minorities in Afghanistan, in an interview with Al Jazeera the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the Taliban, Abdul Qahar Balkhi, said that «what we ask is to have time. This process will take place gradually “, but” right now our priority is to stabilize the country after 40 years of war. We do not want interference in our internal affairs, just as we do not interfere in those of others. We do not want Afghanistan to be a terrain of competition ”, the spokesman continued, stating that his government is committed to guaranteeing“ all the freedoms guaranteed by Islam ”.

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