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Afghanistan, US appeal to the Americans: “Leave the country immediately”

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KABUL. “The US Embassy invites American citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately using available commercial flights.” This is what we read in a tweet from the US embassy in Kabul which, in a statement, explains: “Considering the security situation and the reduction in staff, the embassy’s ability to assist American citizens in Afghanistan is extremely limited, even in Kabul ».

Last night the British government had “advised” their compatriots to “leave Afghanistan by flight or commercial means”. At the same time, London advised against “any trip to Afghanistan”.

The invitation to leave the country to American and British citizens is a new sign of the further worsening of the situation in Afghanistan, after the Taliban took over Zaranj, which became the first provincial capital to fall into their hands. “Now the entire province of Nimroz is under the control of the Taliban, the security forces have fled or surrendered to them,” local sources say. Guardian. From the city, where the Taliban imposed a curfew, about 3,000 people fled to Iran before the border was closed, and those who failed to escape, and were linked to the Kabul government, hid in fear of reprisals. The Taliban launched their offensive across the country in May after the withdrawal of international forces. And now they are starting to advance on urban centers.

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