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African countries: what the Mattei plan is, why it is called that and what it provides

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African countries: what the Mattei plan is, why it is called that and what it provides

An audience of 25 heads of state and government, plus the ministers of another twenty African countries. It is a path that will start with some pilot projects and which will pass, already in February, with the meeting of the first control room of the Mattei Plan. These are the stages of the plan for Africa that the government is starting to implement with the summit inaugurated today in the Senate. A location also chosen to underline “the centrality of Parliament in the definition of the Mattei Plan”.

“A global and non-predatory approach”

The summit is an opportunity for the presentation of the general principles of the Mattei Plan and its methodology, “inspired by a ‘global’ and ‘non-predatory’ approach, to provide responses to the needs represented by the African continent, recognizing the centrality of sharing of sustainable socio-economic development and responsibilities for stability and security as the foundation of lasting relationships of mutual benefit between Africa and Europe”.

Promotion of sensitive and lasting development

Piano Mattei is, in fact, the expression chosen by the executive headed by Giorgia Meloni to summarize a strategic plan for the construction of a new partnership between Italy and the states of the African continent, an energy and social plan for the continent which recalls the name of former president of Eni who passed away in 1962. Mattei himself is the one trying to emulate what is defined as a “non-predatory” approach towards Africa on the European side, aimed at promoting sustainable and long-lasting development.

Waiting for the contents to be defined

This is the objective of the Plan for the government majority. An “empty box”, instead, according to the opposition, which would not provide resources and concrete projects for investments. The Plan will be filled with contents, reply the government and the majority, which should be defined in collaboration between Italy and African countries, starting from what will emerge from today’s Conference. “So far, a certain paternalistic and predatory approach has not worked,” explained Meloni. “What needs to be done in Africa is not charity, but strategic partnerships as equals,” added the prime minister. According to rumours, the project would aim to mobilize at least 4 billion in Italian funds over the next five to seven years, involving, as far as possible, the entire Italian system. Our country, in the idea of ​​the Mattei Plan, would lead the way in greater involvement of the European Union and international institutions. This explains the support at the highest level of the European representatives, Von der Leyen, Michel and Metsola, as well as the UN agencies.

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