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After fan protests – DFL stops investors’ entry into the Bundesliga | > – Sports

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After fan protests – DFL stops investors’ entry into the Bundesliga |  > – Sports

As of: February 22, 2024 8:36 a.m

The German Football League (DFL) has canceled the planned entry of an investor. The executive board of the umbrella organization of the 36 professional clubs decided unanimously on Wednesday in Frankfurt am Main not to continue negotiations to conclude the billion-dollar deal. This is the right decision for Werder Bremen.

After the investor deal fell through, German professional football is apparently no longer seeking entry from an external investor in the foreseeable future. “We will not pursue this issue with a partner who invests in a subsidiary or something like that,” said Hans-Joachim Watzke, spokesman for the DFL executive committee, after the German Football League stopped the plans on Wednesday: “We We just have to start over now.”

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The DFL canceled the planned entry of an investor after massive fan protests – and thus made the right decision, says NDR sports director Gerd Gottlob. more

The DFL will now invite the clubs to talks in the next few weeks to discuss how to proceed. “One thing is of course clear, most people will see that we have to do something somehow if we want to present ourselves a little better abroad as the Bundesliga or market ourselves better,” said Watzke, who is also the club boss of Borussia Dortmund.

Our curve: Good day for Germany’s football fans

Thomas Kessen, spokesman for the fan alliance “Our Curve,” spoke of a “great success for all active football fans and all members of the clubs.” This shows “that German football is member-based and democratic and that these same members have to be included in such groundbreaking decisions.” In the end, the “extensive but very peaceful and very creative protests” were the key to success. “A good day for Germany’s football fans.”

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Will the fan protests in the stadiums stop?

It remains to be seen whether the protests in the stadiums will end. You will definitely see “one or two funny posters” at the weekend, said Kessen. But he doesn’t expect any further provoked interruptions, sometimes lasting more than 30 minutes: “I would at least be very surprised if someone else did that now.”

Werder Bremen supports the DFL decision

Bundesliga club Werder Bremen announced via X (formerly Twitter) that the club supports the DFL decision against continuing the partner process. “In the current situation, this is the right decision for me. The entire system was at risk due to the game interruptions in the last few weeks,” explained managing director Klaus Filbry.

“It is not the time for one-sided blame or howls of triumph, but for respectful exchange.”

St. Pauli President Oke Göttlich

VfB Stuttgart also welcomed “this understandable decision by the DFL executive committee, which allows all of us who love football to come together again.” Managing director Thomas Herrich of second division club Hertha BSC called the step the right decision given the overall situation.

St. Pauli President Göttlich: “Everyone has to move”

Oke Göttlich, president of the second division club FC St. Pauli and member of the DFL executive committee, called for “to look for solutions together instead of working against each other. This is not the time for one-sided blame or howls of triumph, but for respectful exchange – in the common interest “To strengthen football in national competitions on the basis of 50+1 and other rules relevant to the statutes. Everyone has to move to achieve this, otherwise we will not make any progress – but will soon be faced with the rubble of an idea of ​​more balanced competition and cleaner regulatory processes.”

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Only one potential backer remained

With CVC, only one potential financier was willing to get involved. “We are not making any comment,” it said on Wednesday from Luxembourg. The financial company Blackstone withdrew from the bidding race last week.

“Even if there is a large majority in favor of the entrepreneurial necessity of the strategic partnership: German professional football is in the middle of a test that is taking place not only within the league association between the clubs, but also partly within the clubs between professionals, coaches, club managers, supervisory bodies and general meetings and fan communities are causing major disputes that are increasingly jeopardizing game operations, specific game progressions and thus the integrity of the competition,” said Watzke.

“German professional football is in the midst of a breaking point.”

Hans Joachim Watzke

The sustainability of a successful contract conclusion in terms of financing the 36 clubs can no longer be guaranteed given the circumstances in the league, said the 64-year-old.

Further information

Fans have been protesting in stadiums for weeks. But when will the first penalties come for the clubs and what will they be? And what happens to the thrown objects? more

Dispute over the vote of 96 managing director Kind

The 36 Bundesliga clubs initially decided to bring in an investor on their second attempt in December. The necessary two-thirds majority was only barely achieved in the vote. Due to the controversial role of Hanover managing director Martin Kind, there is suspicion that the vote could have violated the 50+1 rule. The rule limits the influence of external donors on clubs in the first and second leagues.

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Further information

The leadership of the parent association is calling for a “new beginning” at the umbrella organization. In the opinion of 96 professional boss Kind, however, everything “went correctly” in the DFL vote. more

Watzke now stated that it should not be overlooked that this vote lacked broad acceptance due to the events surrounding Hannover 96. “Given the great asset we hold in our hands with the 50+1 rule, ignoring this should not be our approach. The DFL Presidium is unanimous in its support of the 50+1 rule.” Any new vote would raise further legal questions about the assessment of the decision made in December, Watzke added. “Avoiding this and returning to orderly game operations must be the DFL’s primary goal.”

Hanover’s club management had instructed Kind to vote against the investor’s entry. However, the voting results and the public confessions of those opposing the proposal suggest that the 79-year-old voted “yes” and thus helped the DFL plan gain the necessary majority. Child himself does not comment on his vote.

VIDEO: Martin Kind: “Football arenas are not a legal vacuum” (37 min)

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