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Air pollution explodes in India’s capital city closed | India | capital | city closed

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Original Title: Air Pollution Exploded, India’s Capital City Closed

On the evening of the 16th local time, the Indian Air Quality Management Commission requested the capital region and surrounding areas to close all schools, including universities, until further notice.

According to reports from the “India Express” and other media on the 17th, in addition to requiring all schools to be closed, the Indian Air Quality Management Committee also recommended that the state governments in the capital region allow at least 50% of employees to work from home until November 21. Before November 21, construction activities and demolition projects in the capital area have also ceased. In addition, only 5 of the 11 thermal power plants in the capital region can be put into operation. Delhi and nearby states have also received instructions to prohibit trucks from entering the capital, except for trucks carrying essential goods.

For a long time, Delhi has faced serious air pollution problems and is considered to be one of the most polluted national capitals in the world. With the advent of winter, pollution enveloped the city like a poisonous umbrella. Even within a few days, the air quality index in certain areas directly exploded, reaching the highest level that can be measured.

In early November, many places in India ignored the ban by setting off fireworks to celebrate Diwali, burning straws, and being affected by sandstorms, air pollution intensified. In the past few weeks, Delhi’s pollution level was 20 times higher than the health level recognized by the World Health Organization, and thick brown smog enveloped the city.

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The Indian Meteorological Department predicts that in the next few days, the air quality in Delhi, India, may deteriorate further, and may even be marked as “severely polluted” level. The Indian Meteorological Department said that after November 21, local air pollution in Delhi may be reduced.Beijing Business Daily Comprehensive Report


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