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Alberto Fujimori released in the square

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Alberto Fujimori released in the square

Alberto Fujimori free. (Willax)

If Alberto Fujimori knew what remorse was, he would stay away from the cameras. If he were interested in the political future of his daughter or respected the grief of the families affected during his government, he would remain silent; but the former dictator smiles at the journalist who reminds him of his years in the Palace and supports someone who, like him, did not hesitate to shoot citizens who were exercising their fundamental rights.

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Whoever weeks ago demanded humane treatment for the last days of his life is already thinking about the 2026 elections. “There is an audience,” he says as if he recognized that Peruvian politics is nothing more than a spectacle in decline or a perpetual parade of our defects. . Fujimori loose in the plaza is confirmation that in Peru historical memory is treated like red-hot iron: crushed at the whim of the blacksmith on duty.

Doubts are already beginning to arise about who will be the representative of Fujimorism in the next elections; However, there is no suspicion that the decade in which Congress was dissolved, students were massacred, women were sterilized against their will, journalists were kidnapped, and the loyalties of congressmen bought with wads of money will be remembered with nostalgia. Errors now call for cruelty and authoritarianism.

The silence of President Dina Boluarte in the face of Fuerza Popular’s alleged agreement for her government to last until 2026 is suspicious, or perhaps revealing. Her permanence in office does not depend on her low approval numbers or her failure to combat insecurity. citizen, but of the good treatment and attention that the so-called opposition receives from the Palace.

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Breaking away from what a former dictator said is achieved with a brief statement or a quick statement, but it is complicated when your political survival depends on those who long for the return of one of the most corrupt governments in our republican history. The new social pact that Boluarte promised during the campaign became the strengthening of a political class that, even if it rots, we are not capable of discarding.

The hopes to avoid the return of Fujimorism fall precisely on Fujimorism, on its errors to be more exact. If they once again glimpse alleged proximity to drug trafficking or appeal once again to terruqueo, racism and classism as a political discourse, perhaps we will once again be invaded by that fleeting feeling of rejection that already managed to deny him the presidency on three occasions.

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There are parties, but not politicians. There are government plans, but no country projects. We are millions of votes waiting for the next show, old generations convinced that new faces will arrive with the same vices of yesterday and young people whose hope will be taken away by the next leader who wears the presidential sash. We are the Peru of 34, 39 and 56 years ago.

Carlos Oré

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