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Alberto Núñez Feijóo: The Pragmatic Right-Wing Politician Leading the Polls in Spain’s Legislative Elections

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Alberto Núñez Feijóo: The Pragmatic Right-Wing Politician Leading the Polls in Spain’s Legislative Elections

Title: Alberto Núñez Feijóo: The Pragmatic Right-Wing Leader Leading the Polls in Spain

Subtitle: The Popular Party (PP) leader aims to bring stability and moderation to the Spanish political landscape

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the leader of the Popular Party (PP), is emerging as the frontrunner in the upcoming legislative elections in Spain on July 23. Known for his pragmatic approach and commitment to moderation, Feijóo aims to unite a party that recently faced one of its worst internal crises.

Born in Galicia, the northwestern region of Spain, 61 years ago, Feijóo has earned respect within the conservative PP. His leadership was solidified in April 2022 when he was elected as the head of the party in a congress held in Seville. Ever since, he has been tasked with unifying a party that was deeply divided.

Feijóo, often referred to as “Just Plain Alberto,” prides himself on his predictability and reliability as a politician. According to Galician journalist Fran Balado, who authored Feijóo’s biography, he appeals to voters across the political spectrum, including those on the left, due to his moderation and ability to forge alliances.

Before his arrival in the Spanish Senate last year, Feijóo served as the ruler of Galicia, where he secured four absolute majorities in the regional Parliament since 2009, a rarity in a politically fragmented Spain. Additionally, he effectively contained the far-right Vox party, preventing them from securing a seat in the Galician Parliament, while it remains the third-largest force in the national Congress.

However, despite leading the polls for the upcoming elections, indications suggest that the PP may need to form a coalition with Vox to attain the absolute majority required to form a government. This prospect presents a challenge for Feijóo and adds ambiguity to his political outlook.

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Feijóo has focused his campaign on promising to “repeal sanchismo,” referring to the socialist government led by Pedro Sánchez. This strategy has been seen as an attempt to avoid discussing the potential alliance with the far-right. Political scientist Pablo Simón claims that while Feijóo rejects the current president, his plans for future governance remain unclear, with the leader deliberately maintaining a level of ambiguity.

Feijóo’s roots in a working-class family and his studious nature shaped his journey into politics. Initially leaning towards a career in law, he became a public official in 1985 when his father lost his job. Feijóo took his first steps in Galician politics in 1991, eventually assuming leadership positions in various government departments before assuming the presidency of the regional PP in 2006.

While Feijóo’s lack of international political experience and limited English-speaking skills have attracted criticism, his commitment to perfectionism and order drives his political pursuits. Despite being a self-professed bad cook, he has a deep appreciation for Galician cuisine and cherishes his strong bond with his mother. In a recent interview, he expressed joy in becoming a father at the age of 55, describing it as the best gift life has given him.

Feijóo, alongside his partner Eva Cárdenas, his son Alberto, and his dog Cata, can often be seen walking the streets of Madrid. Now, he sets his sights on becoming the first president of the Spanish government born in rural Spain, believing that stable governance and moderation are essential for the country’s progress.

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