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This is a project to present Albi rice, created in collaboration with training wear partner Niigata Kubota Co., Ltd., to athletes who are surviving the tough season.
Everyone who participated in this project will receive a thank you video from the player who gave the rice!
We are also looking for questions for the players.
Eating is essential for building the body of athletes who compete in long seasons! Let’s get the players through this season by eating Albi rice! !
This is an annual event that the players look forward to! Please show some love to your favorite players and give them Albi rice! !

■Plan content
・Purchase Albi rice for your favorite player.
・You will receive a thank you video from the player at a later date.

■Application period
・February 25th (Sunday) – March 10th (Sunday)

■Gift recipients
・All players
・Other staff
*There is no thank you video from the director staff.
*If you would like to send a gift to another staff member, please select “Other” and write the name of the person you would like to send the gift to in the support message field.
*We do not accept gifts for anyone other than Albirex Niigata players and staff.

・1 bag (2kg) 1,200 yen (tax included)
*Shipping fee does not apply. After purchasing, we will deliver Albi rice to the players.

■How to purchase
・Please purchase from the Albirex Niigata special internet shop below.
*This is a special site for this project. This is different from the regular Albi rice product page. Please make sure there are no mistakes.
*The delivery address will be your home, but the item will not actually be delivered. (There is no shipping charge.)
*Credit payment only.

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■About the thank you video
*One player’s video will be eligible for each bag or more of Albi rice. (Multiple pieces of Albi rice can be presented to one player) If you would like to send it to multiple players, please apply (purchase) for each player. Videos of all players who applied will be sent.
*If your computer or mobile phone’s domain settings (spam email settings, etc.) are set, you may not be able to receive emails from the secretariat.
Please make sure you can receive emails from “[email protected]”.
*The personal information you provide will not be used for any purpose other than the operation of this project.
*The thank-you video will be distributed on YouTube, which is limited to public. As soon as the distribution is ready, we will notify you by email of the URL for viewing the message (scheduled for sometime in May).
*We will select questions for the players from among the questions asked by everyone who participated in this project. Please note that we are unable to answer all questions submitted.

■Contact us
Albirex Niigata[In charge of planning with love]
Phone: 025-257-0151

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