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Aleksandar Vucic on financing Zvezda and Partizan | Sports

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Aleksandar Vucic on financing Zvezda and Partizan |  Sports

The President of Serbia spoke about investing in the biggest sports clubs in the country

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The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, spoke about the financing of Red Star and Partizan in a guest appearance on Radio-Television of Serbia. “I managed to make the whole people think what I do, even those who are not allowed to say it, which is that we invest a lot of money in them, and that everything else is looking for an alibi for our own failures. I think that story is very successful, that’s why we invest money and I’m happy for the success of Zvezda and Partizan, but they look for the measure of success in the defeat of the other, not in their own success. I’m talking about the mutual relationship between Zvezda and Partizan, that’s the only thing they’re interested in, or some of them, I can’t to generalize,” he said.

Let us remind you that this topic was brought up to date in the previous days after the speech of Partizan coach Željko Obradović, who said that “the biggest lie is that Partizan is a state project”, to which Vučić responded by saying that it was a “disgusting attack on the state”. After that, KK Crvena Zvezda and then KK Partizan presented their finances.

“We invest up to five times more than in 2012, we invest in handball, volleyball and water polo much more, I believe that they will return and that great generations will come again. We will continue to do that. I hope and I say this now, for me is the success of 10 medals at the Olympic Games, and don’t forget that we had many more in Rio and Tokyo than we had in London and Beijing, and I believe that those awards also encourage people and speak well of the country. We pay them, they are a whopping 200 thousand , 80 thousand and 60 thousand for gold, silver and bronze,” added Vučić.

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“As for Zvezda and Partizan, I want to say to both fans – I will always advocate for the privatization of our clubs. Do I have the strength to carry it out? I don’t. Do they like to hear that? They don’t. That’s the only thing which I can tell you in advance that I cannot do it. Everyone knows that it is necessary, and no one will put their head down. Just as no one will answer to Zvezda and Partizan”.

“Partizan always has more money than Zvezda in football than the state, because Zvezda had more income, I don’t need to explain, NIS and Ziđin were provided by the state, one got one, the other, I don’t need to explain that the state also asks private individuals who help they do, because some don’t even support those clubs they helped. We always try to divide it equally. Now they say, Partizan got less from the state, it didn’t get less. Not to mention the Arena and private players and everything else. They get equally, the state is proud to invest that money, Zvezda and Partizan dominate in basketball, Dinamo dominated in football in the region, it no longer dominates, I hope that the domestic league will strengthen…”

Is it money well spent? “If I were in that situation again and I was wondering in any way, I would make the same decision.”

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