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Aleksandra Prijović did not finish high school Entertainment

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Aleksandra Prijović did not finish high school  Entertainment

Singer Aleksandra Prijović revealed that her peers made fun of her for wanting to become a singer

Izvor: Antonio Ahel/ATAImages

Aleksandra Prijović is considered one of the most popular and highest-paid singers on the domestic stage. Recently, she performed at the celebration of Djokovic, on the occasion of the birth of the son of Đorđe and Saška Djoković, and at one time she revealed that she suffered violence from her peers only because she wanted to sing.

Priya revealed that the children did not beat her, but that they knew that they were playing recordings of her performances in the classroom, laughing and calling her abusive names.

They humiliated me, called me poor and a singer. They said: ‘She is no better than the singer’s mother’. They made fun of me when they arrived. At school, after each of my performances, they brought recordings and played them. They were laughing out loud, I heard and saw everything. Believe me, in those moments, my heart was breaking“, she told Hello and emphasized that now these same children want to be her friends.

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Aleksandra went into music very early, so she left high school early and did not finish the fourth year. She does not have a secondary education diploma, which means that she practically stayed in elementary school.

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