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Alepe partners with Galo da Madrugada to collect recyclables and educational campaign during the parade

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Alepe partners with Galo da Madrugada to collect recyclables and educational campaign during the parade

The action will benefit collectors linked to cooperatives and homeless people

The Legislative Assembly of Pernambuco (Alepe) entered into an unprecedented partnership with the Clube de Máscaras o Galo da Madrugada to carry out selective collection, transport and disposal of recyclable products (plastics, metals, paper and glass) at the association’s parade this Saturday ( 10) of Carnival. The official presentation of the block will feature a group of around forty members who will participate in the campaign to encourage recycling, called “Galo 100% Reciclado”. The initiative is part of the “Carnaval Sustentável Galo da Madrugada, Alepe 2024” Project.

The action, which aims to promote environmental awareness and citizenship,
It will involve the work of 142 people hired to carry out the collection and will provide income to those involved. Among them are members of cooperatives, individual recyclable collectors and homeless people.

According to Alepe, the institutional partnership with Galo da Madrugada is a great opportunity to show the public, estimated at 2.5 million people, the importance of responsible consumption and production of materials. In other words, it is the ideal time to promote environmental education, awareness about consumption and incentives for recycling.

Throughout 2023, Alepe carried out several actions aimed at environmental awareness, sustainable development and the awakening of citizenship. Among them, the exhibition ‘Invisible Heroes’ stands out, which aimed to give a voice to collectors of recyclable materials and make them ‘visible’ before public authorities and society.

There was also a screening of a mini-documentary about the trajectory of the category, distribution of educational material in public schools on the correct disposal of waste and the impact of these professionals’ work on nature and the socioeconomic life of people and cities. In parallel, the House held debates and installed the Parliamentary Front in Defense of Cooperativism.

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For the president of Alepe, Álvaro Porto, and the first secretary, Gustavo Gouveia, the agreement reinforces the Casa’s commitment to social actions and the preservation of the environment. “In addition to raising awareness of the importance of recycling, helping to minimize the harmful effects of excess waste, the initiative sheds light on how waste pickers are fundamental to this process that only brings good results for cities and their inhabitants”, they state.

According to parliamentarians, collectors are workers who provide an essential service to society. “We couldn’t fail to form a partnership with Galo da Madrugada in this action, whose message will reach millions of people who will follow the block’s parade, whether in person, on TV or online”, they highlight.

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