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Alexandra Rotan out of “Kompani Lauritzen”: – Of course crazy

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Alexandra Rotan out of “Kompani Lauritzen”: – Of course crazy

Alexandra Rotan and Robin Hofset (32) ended up at the bottom of the points table and therefore met for a fog match on Saturday.

In the end it was artist Rotan who had to leave the Bømoen camp at Voss.

– Leaving Kompaniet was of course hard, but I was left with an incredibly good feeling when I finished. I had challenged myself for such a long time and seen strengths I didn’t know I had, which meant that I left there as a better version of myself, says Rotan to VG.

THE COLONEL’S DILEMMA: In the fog battle, the two aspirants were given 100 toy soldiers each. The duelists had to fight five battles, and the winner of the most battles walked away with the series. Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik/TV 2

She and Hofset have become good friends during the recording, so she believes he was a worthy winner of the fog battle.

– The effort he has had during the programs, and the courage he has shown and the way he has grown, made it very much deserved that he was allowed to be part of the Company a little longer, says the artist.

This week’s theme was fear and courage. And Rotan really felt fear when she and the other aspirants had to abseil over Vøringfossen.

– It was an incredibly scary experience.

Rotan struggled to get onto the bridge after they had abseiled down from the Vøringfoss bridge, and panicked.

RAPPELL: In the episode, the four participants had to climb down from the Vøringfoss bridge to deactivate some “alarms”. Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik/TV2

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– It meant that the guys had to pull me up by the arms, and when I felt that the grip was loose, the horror and the fear of dying came. It was an incredibly strange experience, but I know in retrospect that it was never dangerous. But it’s strange to see how the body can react when you really get scared.

– I am incredibly grateful to the wonderful guys, Mikkel and Robin, who helped me and looked after me. They are worth their weight in gold.

Watch when Rotan panicked while hanging from a rappel over Vøringfossen:

She points out that despite a lot of unpredictability and tiring days, she is very grateful for the experience.

– I am incredibly happy that I dared to join Kompani. I had no idea how physically and mentally demanding it would be, what kind of friendships I would make, or how I would handle all the different situations.

– It was good for me to have a little break from hectic touring everyday life, and focus a little on my inner self and my thoughts about myself. And that resulted in new creativity and a new lease on life.

Rotan has said several times during her stay that she is afraid of water. In Saturday’s episode, this fear was challenged. Then the aspirants had to swim underwater, drawing air in three canisters along the way, before they were allowed to return to the surface.

– I’m terrified, I’m really, really scared, she said ahead of the exercise.

The tears rolled when she was unable to complete the exercise.

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She says that it is strange to see yourself on TV in such a setting.

– Usually I’m on TV in connection with music, with lots of glitter and glam. Now it’s very stripped back and honest, but it’s good. I needed Kompani to grow as a person and as a girl Alexandra, and I feel I was able to do that.

Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik/TV2

Colonel Dag Otto Lauritzen (67) believes Rotan’s ability to show emotion has been one of her greatest strengths.

– You have an unstoppable drive and a willingness to challenge yourself, the likes of which I have rarely seen. With that, you have also taken enormous steps, he says to Rotan before she steps down for the last time and turns her face towards home.

– The people were the best thing about the whole stay and I have made friends for life. It was incredibly strange to suddenly be among civilization again. Taking the train home from Voss, being able to eat good food, buy snacks at the shop and use the mobile phone felt almost illegal, says Rotan with a laugh.

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