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Alexei Navalny is dead – E24

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Alexei Navalny is dead – E24

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny (47) has died, according to Russian prison authorities. He reportedly fell over after a walk on Friday.

Opposition politician Alexei Navalny has died, according to Russian authorities. The photo was taken during a demonstration in Moscow in 2020.

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– Navalny felt bad after a walk and lost consciousness almost immediately. Medical personnel immediately arrived at the scene and an ambulance team was called, Russian federal prison authorities said in a statement.

The Russian government says it has no information on the cause of death, but that President Vladimir Putin has been informed of the incident.

A spokesperson for Navalny, Kira Yarmysh, can neither confirm nor deny the death.

Can’t confirm

– Aleksej’s lawyer is on his way to (penal colony) Kharp. As soon as we have information, we will report it, writes Jarmysj on the messaging service X, formerly Twitter.

The lawyer Leonid Solovyov does not want to comment on the information for now, but says Navalny was in good shape until a few days ago.

– Now we have to figure things out. Aleksej had a lawyer visit on Wednesday, and then everything was fine, says Solovjov to the opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

Norway’s Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide (Ap) expresses sadness at the information about the death and writes on X that the Russian authorities bear a great deal of responsibility for what has happened.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says he is shocked by the news of the death and that Russia has “some very serious questions they must answer”

Putin critic

Navalny was the most high-profile critic of Vladimir Putin when he was poisoned in August 2020. He returned to Russia after treatment in Germany and was then arrested.

He has until now been imprisoned in a penal colony in Yamal-Nenets, far to the north in central Russia. He has served several different sentences totaling more than 30 years.

Among other things, he was convicted of extremism, embezzlement and money laundering. His supporters believe the charges were politically motivated.

Last month, Navalny attended a court hearing via video link after being moved to the Arctic penal colony from another prison.

Fight against corruption

Russian prison authorities claim that attempts were made to revive Navalny, without success. Thus he was declared dead.

Navalny was particularly known for his revelations of corruption in the Russian power apparatus. Before he was imprisoned, he was at the forefront of a number of anti-corruption campaigns. He also organized a number of demonstrations against Vladimir Putin.

In 2013, he stood for election as mayor of the capital Moscow. Five years later, he wanted to stand as a presidential candidate and challenge Putin, but his candidacy was not approved.

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