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“All’arco di Tito. An ambassador of Israel in the Bel Paese”, the first book in Italian by Dror Eydar

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“All’arco di Tito. An ambassador of Israel in the Bel Paese”, the first book in Italian by Dror Eydar

“Seeing this book today means realizing that I have left my traces here, in Italy”. This is how the outgoing Ambassador of the State of Israel, Dror Eydar, presents his book At the Arch of Titus. An Israeli ambassador to the beautiful country during a meeting organized in his residence. “This book”, says Eydar “is a great gift for me, my first in Italian”, and collects reflections and events that marked his three years as ambassador to Italy.

The event, moderated by the journalist Annalisa Chirico, was also attended by the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, Lucio Malan of Fratelli d’Italia, Gennaro Migliore from Italia Viva, the president of the Jewish community of Rome Ruth Dureghello, the chief rabbi of Riccardo Di Segni, the former vice president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities David Meghnagi and the publisher Guido Guastalla.

Israel, Yair Lapid interim prime minister

at Rossella Tercatin

In the book, the ambassador recounts his trip to our country, his diplomatic experience and the months of the lockdown. A period in which he says he tried to give a voice not only to Israel and relations with Italy, but also to Jewish civilization. On these pages he collects his reflections on the value of the memory of the Shoah and the need for a commitment against anti-Semitism, the descriptions of the precepts of the Jewish tradition and the analyzes on biblical references linked to Italy.

Like those in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy that Eydar studied at school. “Alighieri, Petrarca, Boccaccio were the basis of my culture in Israel, without even knowing that one day I would be an ambassador here”, he recalls. The importance of the word as an instrument of diplomacy and the development of democratic life links the different chapters of the book.

Russia, immigration of Jews to Israel at risk for the first time since the USSR

at Rossella Tercatin

“I didn’t think I would ever speak Italian. I hope my readers will take some of my words with them, also thanks to non-routine content for a diplomat ”, concludes the ambassador who promises to return to Italy as a tourist to write his novel.

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