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Amanpour rejects the veil. And the president of Iran Raisi cancels the interview with CNN

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Amanpour rejects the veil.  And the president of Iran Raisi cancels the interview with CNN

While in Iran thousands of young people take to the streets taking off their veils in protest against the compulsory hijab, and there are already at least 17 dead in the repression of the police, Iranian President Raisi skips an interview decided for weeks because the interviewer is not wearing a veil. In New York.

Iran, protests over the death of a girl stopped by the police for not wearing the veil correctly

by Gabriella Colarusso

The story was revealed by Christiane Amanpour herself, star of the Cnn, via Twitter. “Protests are rampant in Iran and women are burning their hijabs after Mahsa Amini’s death last week, following her arrest by the ‘moral police'”, the lead note wrote. he plans to ask President Raisi all this and much more “in what” would be President Raisi’s first ever interview on US soil, during his visit to New York for the UN General Assembly. ”

Hijab burned and students in the square: protest widens in Iran for the girl who died in the hands of the police: “5 killed”

by Gabriella Colarusso

But “after weeks of planning and eight hours of preparing the translation equipment, lights and cameras, we were ready. But no sign of President Raisi,” says the journalist, “40 minutes after the scheduled start of the interview, an aide came in saying that the president suggested that I wear a veil, because it is the holy months of Muharram and Safar.

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The revolt in Iran in the name of Mahsa: “We want rights and freedom”. The government represses and shuts down the Internet

by Gabriella Colarusso

I politely refused “, reports Amanpour, who motivates his refusal:” We are in New York, where there are no laws or traditions on the veil. I pointed out that no previous Iranian president requested this when I interviewed them outside of Iran, “but” the assistant made it clear that the interview would not have taken place if I had not worn the veil. He said it was a question of respect and referred to the ‘situation in Iran’, alluding to the protests that have hit the country. “” Once again, I said that I could not accept this unprecedented and unexpected condition. So we left. There was no interview “.

Amanpour interviewed all Iranian presidents from 1995 to today, no one had asked her to wear the veil in a country where there are no religious prescriptions of any kind.

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