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an accuser of Gérard Miller testifies 23 years after the facts

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an accuser of Gérard Miller testifies 23 years after the facts

Charlotte, 37, is one of the accusers of the star of the sets Gérard Miller. Like several dozen women, she accuses the hypnotist of sexual assault. She gave a raw account of a sexual assault that occurred in 2001.

“All I had left was my panties.” Nearly 23 years later, Charlotte, now 37 years old, denounces a sexual assault on the part of the star hypnotist and psychoanalyst Gérard Miller. Like 41 women who came forward to the magazine Ellethe victim says she was abused when she was a minor.

The attack she says she experienced took place when she was only 15 years old. A scene told crudely on the radio microphone RTL.

“He called me to go to lunch and said ‘come see me at the office, then we’ll have lunch together’. I thought it was an office, but in fact it was at his house. (… ) I wasn’t very comfortable. He offered me a drink, I had an ‘ice tea’. He served me and then: total blackout”, says Charlotte.

Like other victims, Charlotte says she woke up in a bedroom. These processes and the victim’s profile resemble those described several times in the investigations of the women’s magazine and Médiapart.

“He was massaging me, I only had my panties left. And so, there was some touching. He massaged my buttocks, all parts,” she remembers.

“Help” other victims

Charlotte announces that she is engaging in legal proceedings and filing a complaint against the television star. She knows that these facts dating back to 2001 benefit from a statute of limitations. This point does not demoralize her:

“There is a statute of limitations but it is of no use because I think it will help those who can still file a complaint. It can help them.”

Gérard Miller reacted to the numerous accusations. He rejects the accusations concerning the use of hypnosis to sexually assault these women, but acknowledges having to question the notion of “control”.

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“Psychoanalyst, academic, author, TV and radio columnist, I was in fact a ‘man of power’, and there was from then on an ‘objective’ asymmetry, which we can say today was purely and simply prohibitive,” he explained to BFMTV.com.

At this stage, based on our information, no legal proceedings have been launched despite the various accusations made against the psychoanalyst.

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