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An affordable piece of furniture that makes every home more modern | Magazine

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An affordable piece of furniture that makes every home more modern |  Magazine

Instant will bring freshness to your home

Source: instagram/danisdomain

Minimalism is no longer in the focus of trends, and it is increasingly leaning towards maximalism in interiors. That’s why we’re currently seeing makeovers on social networks that use simple tricks to bring warmth into the home. The goal in interiors is to emphasize that you really live in that space.

The warmth of the home can be achieved through the arrangement of furniture in the rooms, the choice of colors and textures, art and decorations. If you are tired of looking at minimalist walls and furniture, you will be delighted by a beautiful shelf that you can make yourself. In addition to giving the space a certain “vibe”, it is also excellent as a “gallery” for decorative objects, books or vases.

Namely, the mentioned shelf is part of a beautiful apartment whose pictures can be found on the Instagram profile of @danisdomain, which is a unique combination of different styles. It’s great that you can make it yourself, using classic shelf supports and whiteboards. Also, depending on the size of the space, you can use different sizes of panels and combine them exactly to fit your home. The shelves are stacked horizontally and then a few more rows of shelves can be added, depending on the look you want to achieve, determine how many rows of shelves you need.

This look of the shelves will only work if you put interesting objects on them. Following the popular trend of “bookshelf riches”, the aim is to create a collection of things you love, things you use as reference or inspiration, that relate to the way you want to live in your home and the kinds of things you want to be surrounded. You can display colorful objects and decorations on the shelves to bring freshness and playfulness to the space, which is appropriate for the coming spring. Although the shelves on Instagram are shown in the living room, they are also a good choice for other rooms in the home, such as the kitchen, bedroom, and even the bathroom.

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