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An Iranian commander was killed by Israel during an operation in Syria

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An Iranian commander was killed by Israel during an operation in Syria

FILE PHOTO: Members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) attend a military exercise (IRGC/WANA (West Asia News Agency)/Handout via REUTERS)

At least three people, including an advisor to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, died this Friday in a bombing blamed on Israel against the Syrian city of Baniyas, located in the province of Tartus (west), as reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Iranian media.

The organization, based in London and with informants in the country, has indicated on its website that the target was a country house in the surroundings of Baniyas that would be used by pro-Iranian militias.

The airstrike caused the death of three people inside, including an “Iranian commander,” the NGO, based in the United Kingdom and a wide network of collaborators on the ground, said in a statement.

According to the note, two foreign companions also died along with the high command, although at the moment their nationalities and whether they were part of the ranks of any of the pro-Iranian militias present in Syria are unknown.

Thus, he highlighted that at least three explosions have been heard in the area and several homes have been damaged.

In this sense, the Observatory has stated that several civilians have been injured, although for now the Syrian authorities have not commented on what happened.

For their part, sources cited by the Iranian Mehr news agency have subsequently indicated that among the dead was Reza Zarei, one of the advisors deployed by the Revolutionary Guard in the country.

The event took place just one day after the death of a person in a bombing allegedly carried out by an Israeli drone against a vehicle in which a member of the Lebanese Shiite party-militia Hezbollah was traveling, near the Syrian town of Al Nahriya, near the border with Lebanon.

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Israeli authorities acknowledge attacks in Syria, arguing that they are acting to prevent the establishment of Iranian bases – including attacks on targets of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard – and the shipment of weapons to Hezbollah by Tehran, which supports Syrian President Bashar al. Assad, within the framework of the war that broke out in 2011.

Although they already took place relatively frequently before, Israel has intensified its actions against Syrian territory since the start of the Gaza war on October 7.

Their strikes are often directed against targets of Hezbollah, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and other militias close to Tehran.

On the other hand, the Israeli Army carried out new bombings this Thursday against “launching positions” of projectiles of the terrorist group Hezbollah in the south of Lebanon after a new shot of rockets against the Israeli community of Goren, without for now there being any information about victims.

“Fighter aircraft have attacked Hezbollah terrorist targets in the Jebel Balt region, including launch positions located near a military facility where terrorists from the organization operated,” Israeli authorities said.

Likewise, they confirmed that projectiles were fired at northern Israel earlier in the day, before assuring that “the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have attacked the source of the shots.” Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attacks.

(With information from EFE and EP)

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