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Analysis of party media’s approval of nucleic acid testing companies: The CCP may cast a scapegoat | CCP party media | Nuclear Huaxi | Nuclear Gene

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Analysis of party media’s approval of nucleic acid testing companies: The CCP may cast a scapegoat | CCP party media | Nuclear Huaxi | Nuclear Gene

[The Epoch Times, December 04, 2022](Interview and report by reporters Chu Hanshi and Yi Fan from the Epoch Times special department) China’s nucleic acid testing companies are making a lot of money amid the ongoing epidemic, and the Chinese Communist Party’s media has launched a campaign against nucleic acid testing companies wave of criticism. Analysts believe that it may be preparing to clean up the interest chain behind it, and at the same time take the opportunity to divert the public’s attention.

On November 29, the CCP’s mouthpiece “People’s Daily” health client published a commentary article “Nucleic acid chaos continues, the epidemic will never be peaceful”, attributing one of the reasons why the epidemic has not ended for a long time is the fraud of nucleic acid testing.

The article stated that the results of nucleic acid testing are the key basis for determining epidemic prevention measures, but with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, a number of nucleic acid testing companies emerged as the times require, and various chaos occurred while providing testing.

The article also listed the fraud cases of ten nucleic acid testing institutions in seven provinces, and said that these false test reports may not only lead to the spread of the epidemic, but also make the testing last for several months, and even shut down a city, so “non-severe codes cannot stop the chaos.” .

At the same time that the CCP media was throwing out the above arguments, the entire Chinese Internet was reporting on a nucleic acid testing company that had a recent accident—Lanzhou Nuclear Huaxi Testing Laboratory in Gansu Province, and its parent company Shenzhen Nuclear Gene Technology Co., Ltd. As of November 29, relevant information has been viewed more than 1 billion times on China‘s social media Weibo.

The so-called cause of the incident was a recent mistake by Lanzhou Nuclear Huaxi. According to a report from the Lanzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission on November 25, the staff of Lanzhou Nuclear Huaxi mistakenly entered the information of negative personnel into the list of positive personnel and uploaded it to the work system, resulting in wrong transfers in the local area.

Under the continuous excavation from all walks of life, public opinion raised doubts in several aspects. First, Lanzhou Nuclear Huaxi was only established on August 8 this year. How can a company that has just been established for three months get the nucleic acid testing business in Lanzhou? Second, nuclear Huaxi laboratories in various parts of China had frequent accidents during the testing period of more than two years. Not only did they not receive any punishment, but they became bigger and bigger?

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According to a report by China‘s “Health Times” on November 29, Nuclear Huaxi and related laboratories have violated regulations 10 times during the epidemic. It was notified for the first time on April 14, 2020, and the reason for the violation was “failure to place infectious medical waste in special packaging.” Afterwards, there have been “falsified test results”, “falsified medical documents”, “the report reviewer does not match the actual reviewer”, “use non-technical personnel to work”, etc. The problems are different every time.

However, Hezi Huaxi received relatively minor penalties every time. The punishment measures include “warning”, “correction within a time limit”, “serious punishment”, or a fine of several thousand to tens of thousands of yuan, with a maximum fine of 50,000 yuan (approx. $7000). Nuclear Huaxi has never been sued.

According to statistics, Nuclear Gene, the parent company of Nuclear Huaxi, directly or indirectly holds at least 37 medical testing laboratory companies, 26 of which were established after the outbreak. Especially in the past three months, Nucleon Gene has added 13 new testing institutions.

The most puzzling thing is that every time the nuclear gene testing company registered in a place, the epidemic broke out in that place not long after.

For example, Hefei Nuclear Huaxi in Anhui Province was established in September, and an epidemic occurred in Hefei in October; Beijing Nuclear Huaxi was established on September 29, and the epidemic situation in Beijing has gradually increased since October, and the number surged in early November; Dalian Nuclear Huaxi in Liaoning Province Registered on October 14, and as of November 24, 67 new cases of new crowns were added daily in Dalian; Shanxi Province Taiyuan Nucleus Huaxi was established on October 21, and the epidemic began to appear in Taiyuan on November 19; on November 12, Xining, Qinghai Province Nuclear Huaxi was established, and the number of confirmed cases in Xining increased rapidly shortly thereafter.

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Regarding the above-mentioned issues, the Epoch Times reporter made multiple calls to the official website of Nuclear Genome, but no one answered.

The complex interest chain behind the nucleic acid industry

Under the strict epidemic prevention of the CCP, the closure of the city and the nucleic acid testing of all employees complement each other. In the future, the CCP may develop the epidemic prevention method into “normalized nucleic acid testing.” Therefore, in the past three years since the outbreak of the epidemic, although all industries in China have been depressed, the nucleic acid industry has flourished.

Chinese investment platform Gelonghui cited statistical data that in the first three quarters of this year, 109 listed companies with the concept of “new coronavirus (CCP virus) detection” had a total net profit of about 85.429 billion yuan (about 12.2 billion U.S. dollars), an increase of about 33.69%.

At the same time, the number of nucleic acid testing companies has skyrocketed. According to data from the Clinical Laboratory Center of the National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China, the number of nucleic acid testing laboratories in China has increased from 2,081 in March 2020 to 13,100 in April 2022, a sixfold increase.

It is not that the registered testing company will have business immediately, at least on the surface it has to go through three passes. Nucleic acid testing companies first need to have a local administrative license, secondly, they need to be shortlisted for the list of third-party nucleic acid testing institutions approved by the government, and finally they need to bid and publicize. Behind it involves complex interest relations.

Within a few months, more than ten nuclear gene testing companies have expanded, most of which are located in the provincial capitals of China, and they still have business. Li Yanming, an expert on China issues in the United States and a political commentator, told The Epoch Times on December 2 that the political power behind it far exceeds that of a single province or city, but that there are central health and epidemic prevention supervision agencies (the National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China and the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention) )support.

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Li Yanming said that the CCP’s health and epidemic prevention system and medical production and industry system have long been controlled by the Shanghai faction of Jiang Mianheng (the eldest son of the former CCP leader Jiang Zemin whose death was just reported). Since the Jiang Zemin era, all the ministers of health (except Wu Yi, who served for a short period of time) have had close ties with the Jiang faction. Chen Zhu, the current Minister of Health of the Communist Party of China, was promoted by Jiang Zemin to the vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2000.

According to Li Yanming’s analysis, the Chinese Communist Party’s media has set off a wave of criticism of nucleic acid testing companies, which may be a precursor to the cleanup of the medical and health system. In particular, Jiang Zemin has just died, which may bring variables to the fate of Jiang Mianheng and other big bosses in the medical and health system.

In addition, Li Yanming believes that the CCP’s throwing out of nucleic acid testing companies at this time has another meaning, that is, when the “blank paper movement” is on the rise, it is urgently throwing out scapegoats to pass on the crisis.

On the evening of November 27, protests erupted simultaneously in at least a dozen cities in China against the CCP’s epidemic blockade. A large number of protesters held blank papers in their hands, and in some cities they even shouted the slogan “Communist Party step down”. While the “White Paper Movement” was spreading in China, it quickly gained the support of Chinese from all over the world. At present, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand have all responded, causing the CCP to panic.

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