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And God only knows if I get through it… – Le blog des Camerounaiseries

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And God only knows if I get through it… – Le blog des Camerounaiseries

To put it simply, I receive no salary or remuneration at the end of each month. And yet only God knows how I manage to get by here in Cameroon…

I am not a civil servant

I never really wanted to become a civil servant in the Public Administration, although without criticizing those who have become one. Since I have many friends and acquaintances who work in the Civil Service, and moreover I get along perfectly with each of these State agents.
I never dreamed of becoming a sub-prefect or a municipal employee like my best friend. Pierre La Paix Ndamèto the great displeasure of my father who insisted—in vain—that I take part in the ENAM, EMIA, ENIEG, etc. competitions…
God only knows if the civil servants get away with it! Some are corrupt administrators, some are embezzlers of public funds, that is to say thieves, and the vast majority of those who “function publicly” in the Civil Service are deserters (but they continue to receive their salary eh) or even scammers. And so I didn’t want to pursue an activity that wouldn’t really excite me; even though I know that despite everything, there is a minority of civil servants who have remained professionally and intellectually very honest.

I am not an employee

I have already tried to work for Cameroonian companies on several occasions, but each time I always felt major difficulties in fully adapting to them.
Because I hate routine. I don’t really like taking orders. I don’t like working to order. I don’t like waking up at odd hours that someone else would have decided for me. I don’t particularly like overwork due to complicated files or certain overtime hours…
And yet I have already worked in a large NGO here in Douala, but also in a gigantic university institution. In the first I was fired for my “lack of involvement” and for my “dispersal”, and in the second I had simply submitted my resignation… after only six months!
I have nothing against employees, on the contrary! Because I know that they are the ones who will shape the capitalism of today and also of tomorrow. But not everyone is lucky enough to have the same nature and above all the same resistance or even the same patience. And that’s why I’ll have a really hard time becoming a role model one day.

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Civil servants receive their salary at the end of each month. Source: AMISOM via Iwaria

I am not a trader

Then again, I probably never will! Not because I’m simplifying, but it’s because I don’t feel competent. I’m really bad Bamiléké to tell the truth. I don’t know how you buy something where it’s abundant, only to sell it for more money where it’s become rare. I am not nervous enough to monitor my goods at the port of Douala or at Nsimalen airport. I don’t like to travel much, either to go shopping or to make deliveries. And then, to make matters worse, I’m not even a little competent in accounting and even less in conceptualizing inventories…
I am not a trader and yet I am surrounded by traders within my family. And yet I had worked for a long time in my father’s commercial activities there in Souza. And yet I sold mackerel in my own mother’s fish market when we still lived in Edea. And yet I opened my internet café in Bépanda at the end of 2013, and when I was robbed I decided that I was never going to risk myself again in this type of discouraging commercial activity here in Cameroon…

I am not an heir

I talked about my father by talking about his multiple income-generating activities, but I could just as easily have told you about his rental houses, his palm plantations, his snack bars and nightclubs, in short, of his countless and endless investments…
But. All this is not for me. I don’t even think about it while shaving, to tell you the truth. I don’t even count on the material goods he left on this earth. I do not consider myself an heir, and in fact the only legacy I congratulate my late father on is having personally ensured that I completed my education in full.
I don’t even count on his will, in fact he knew it perfectly during his lifetime. I don’t rely on the material goods of my uncles or aunts. I don’t count on the fixed assets of my older cousins ​​or my friends who live abroad. I’m not an heir, in short, and I never really tried to become one. And God only knows if what I often tell my only mother is the reality.

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The majority of Cameroonian workers are in the informal sector. Source: Medical via Iwaria

And God only knows if I fall asleep…

So to put it simply, I don’t receive any fees or remuneration at the end of each monthly payment. And yet God only knows how I often manage to get by here in Cameroon…

And God only knows if I get through it! I am not a lessor, because I have never received rent from a tenant anywhere, and I have never received royalties for an article or a book that I have published.
And God only knows if I manage! I am not a businessman, because I do not deal with legal or individual companies, and I am not even officially a service provider.
And God only knows how I survive here in Cameroon, since I am neither a beggar, nor a gigolo, nor a loan shark, nor a profiteer, and yet despite everything I still manage to pay all my bills!

And so when I often read in the Bible that “If God feeds the birds of Heaven, how often then His own children? » I tell myself that this is surely true, because I really can’t explain to you how I manage to get by here in Douala. I can’t even tell you exactly how I manage to eat three times a day. I don’t even know how I pay my rent on time. I can’t even tell you how I maintain my Mercedes, and yet I’m just a simple little blogger.
But that’s because only God knows how we manage to get by here in Cameroon…

Ecclesiastes DEUDJUII’m getting through it!
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