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Anđela Đuričić about Ana Ćurčić and Zvezdan | Entertainment

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Anđela Đuričić about Ana Ćurčić and Zvezdan |  Entertainment

Anđela Đuričić spoke about the relationship between Zvezdan Slavnić and Ana Ćurčić, which she said she heard all kinds of things from her boyfriend and revealed it in front of the cameras of the Association.

Source: YouTube/Zadruga Official

“The two of us are used to each other, it’s great for us. After these three months, we figured out what, when, and how. I figured out when I should let him go and talk to him,” she said. Angel about her love for Slavnić, who is 22 years older, whom she claims is her ideal man, and for Ana Ćurčić that she will never stop loving him.

“These are a lot of serious things, I’m glad to see them solve them. I don’t know what to say, strange things happen. She chased him, he was the love of her life, and the two of them kept going into other relationships. Namely, she went from one to another, he nicely says that he cheated on her. I trust her and him. He told me that their physical contact was mutual. Everything was there, according to Zvezdan’s stories. I know that they are both gamblersshe went with him at first to control him, and then she started little by little and played around, that’s what ber told me. She definitely loves him and that is undeniable, she will love him forever“, said the Montenegrin woman who regularly condemned on social networks and in public.

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