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Anđela Đuričić horrified the public with a pose in bed | Fun

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Anđela Đuričić horrified the public with a pose in bed |  Fun

A photo of Anđela Đuričić from bed is circulating on social networks, and comments about her “moralizing” have become heated.

Source: YouTube/Zadruga Official

In the last season, she emphasized her upbringing, morals and honesty, and in this one she trampled on all her words and no longer cares about the cameras or what she was bragging about, so she regularly has intimate relationships with 22 years older Slavnić. Her more than relaxed behavior, which contradicts everything presented in the previous Cooperative, and which is condemned by the public and for which she is on the pillar of shame, does not cease to shock, and her shameful behavior has also appeared on social networks a photo that horrified its users.

The camera caught her in an awkward position in the hotel, where she is staying as a favorite person this week, mostly with Zvezdana, and in the picture she is sleeping with her legs spread and her private parts are visible… Many comment that Anđela no longer has any shame or face, and she used to be careful not to appear anywhere in an explicit publication.

He doesn’t pay attention to the cameras even when he changes his clothes…

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