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Anemia is a common but neglected problem, pointed out Dr. Mirjana Mitrović.

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“Quite neglected, but a very common problem. During the spring months, we all feel spring fatigue and think it’s normal, and we don’t think about whether there is another reason. A large number of people suffer from anemia. If your fatigue is chronic, you should check your blood count and your iron reserves. The most common symptoms are malaise, tiredness, drowsiness, insomnia, headaches. Patients very often go to cardiologists because palpitations and skipping of the heart. Wives catch yes their hair falls out more, their nails are brittle and these are the signs for which you should consult a doctor,” explained Dr. Mitrović.

What is anemia and what is hypophyremia?

“It is very important to diagnose anemia and hypophyremia, there are differences. Hypophyremia means you are deficient in iron, but your hemoglobin is normal. If your depots are completely empty, you become anemic and it is already a more serious stage of the disorder. The treatment itself depends on the degree of the disorder, because the therapy will be more intensive for patients who are anemic compared to those who are hypopyremic,” explained the doctor and revealed how anemia is treated:

“Treatment always implies the administration of iron preparations. We can do this in two ways. The first is the supplementation of tablets, which are varied. The doctor should choose the right preparation for you because it can often cause unwanted effects, and the second way is to take iron infusions. They are intended for patients with very severe symptoms or patients with intestinal diseases,” explained the doctor.

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Prevention is not possible in one group of women.

“A healthy diet is the basis of everything. It is necessary to take in iron, there is a lot of it in meat products. Sometimes it is not possible to prevent anemia. If you are a woman who has a prolonged menstrual cycle, and a seven-day cycle that is a little heavier, then you need to recognize anemia and treat it. It is important that you do a blood test at least once every six months,” said Dr. Mitrović.


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