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Animal Collective, crítica de su disco Isn’t It Now (2023)

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Animal Collective, crítica de su disco Isn’t It Now (2023)

Animal Collective reached their peak in 2009 with the fundamental “Merriweather Post Pavillion”an album that combined post-experimentalism“Kid A”so typical of the indie of the time, with pop beauty with an eye on the “Pet Sounds” of the Beach Boys, after that the former critical darlings leaned too far towards the abstract, releasing a series of disappointing albums that seemed to lack the extravagant charm of their early works.

After a long period they seemed to regain form with their 2022 album, “Time Skiffs”, with more accessible songs in which they recovered the balance between pop sensitivity and experimentalism, adding dub touches. It can be seen “Isn’t It Now?“their twelfth album, as a natural complement to that one, with songs written at the same time that continue the formula of Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Deakin and Geologist of organizing their strange and personal sound within the framework of a more “normal” composition. and well structured.

Perhaps the best examples (and the best songs on the album) have been the singles that have progressed, the most relevant and one of the best moments of his career being that 22-minute odyssey called “Defeat” which could be subtitled “Animal Collective goes prog”, with touches of the Incredible String Orchestra in the calm first part, but with its own sound, reaching 9 minutes the first significant change occurs, with those Beach Boys-like harmonies that They have patented and a more psychedelic sound, then one of those melodies comes in for everyone to sing and the song slows down again, over a hypnotic blanket and Avey Tare and Panda Bear singing together with a drone quality; introspective and contemplative. With Avey Tare repeating the question “Is it now defeat?” and Panda Bear responding “Oh no, not yet,” until in the end, the answer is left unanswered…


Even so, it does not seem that these veterans have given up yet, in “Soul Capture” The long shadow of the Beach Boys returns, with ethereal melodies, intricate rhythms and heavenly vocal harmonies, with touches of folk rock and psychedelia, “Gem & I”, is a pop treat with a dub/reggae rhythm by Panda Bear, while Deakin brings a melancholic elegance to the song with his piano. “Stride Rite”.

In short, a good album for a band that is rediscovering its strengths, although, almost 15 years later, it is normal that they no longer sound so fresh, in addition to the closing with “King’s Walk” takes away points, a pastiche of Beach Boys harmonies, this time without much sense, as if they were a caricature of themselves…

Isn’t It Now? de Animal Collective

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