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Anna Ermakova conquers pop star Florian Silbereisen’s heart

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Anna Ermakova conquers pop star Florian Silbereisen’s heart
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    Florian Silbereisen always meets great musical talents in his numerous hit shows. He was particularly fond of one young artist: Anna Ermakova.

    Leipzig – On March 16, 2024, another evening dedicated to the hit is planned on ARD. But it’s not a normal show Florian Silbereisen (42) – because the moderator is surprised by his colleagues. The celebrities gather in Leipzig to celebrate the entertainer’s great career. Silbereisen himself doesn’t miss the opportunity to rave about his surprise guests. A lady can particularly score points with him.

    Duet with Anna Ermakova: Pop star Florian Silbereisen is blown away

    Florian Silbereisen was already enthusiastic about Anna Ermakova (23) during her appearance on “Schlagerchampions”. The young artist, who has been celebrating one success after another since her “Let’s Dance” victory in Germany, recently released her song “Behind Blue Eyes”. The daughter of Boris Becker (56) is also part of “The big hit surprise for Florian Silbereisen!”

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    And Florian Silbereisen thinks that’s really fabulous. As the first images from the recorded program show, the musicians even sing a duet. “Many young singers want to appear as cool as possible during their performances, Anna is completely different: she is absolutely emotional and warm-hearted, at the same time shy and spontaneous, she immediately gets everyone involved. “It’s already the surprise of the year for me,” says the pop star in conversation bild.de into raptures.

    “Anna can really do something”: That’s what Florian Silbereisen finds so special about Anna Ermakova

    The “Dream Ship” star further emphasizes that his duet partner has great talent. “Anna can really do something,” he clarifies. Florian Silbereisen also explains why he is so convinced of her. “I have never sung a duet on stage that I knew nothing about. “But Anna prepared the surprise so well, it worked right away,” he says.

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    The joy is written on their faces: the chemistry between Anna Ermakova and Florian Silbereisen is right. © MDR/JürgensTV/Beckmann

    Anna Ermakova herself is often not really convinced of her abilities. When she appeared on “Das Supertalent” she was really excited for a specific reason: a performance in front of pop titan Dieter Bohlen (70) made Anna Ermakova very scared. Sources used: bild.de, MDR press release

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