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Anne Lukin, Link, SUA, Dupla, Arima, McEnroe, Ezezez, Tchopet…

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Anne Lukin, Link, SUA, Dupla, Arima, McEnroe, Ezezez, Tchopet…

In the section Noise Express We tell you about the most outstanding news and musical releases that have occurred in recent days in our music scene in Euskadi, Navarra and La Rioja (Zarata edition).

To send us information about releases of singles, albums, videos, concerts, etc., write to us at [email protected]:

  • Arima publishes his third EP on March 18, “Doing it out of fear”, recorded, produced and mixed by Karlos Osinaga “Txap” at the Bonberenea studios in Tolosa. They present us with a preview, “Kea eta larruak”, with a video clip made by Paule Bilbao and Josu Gonzalez.

  • Anne Lukin publishes “Ni Olvidar”, the second single from his new album with which he assures that “I am beginning to investigate a part of me that until now was foreign to me”.

  • PREMIERE // “Polytone”the new single from the band from Gernika Supercremallerasanother preview of “Modern art and eternal love”, his second album that will be released on February 24. The video clip has been made by Eztizen Benito >> Continue reading

  • The group Ezezez publishes a new single, “Linger”, accompanied by the video made by Juan Labad.

  • Shopping bag publishes a version of “Neska Zaharrak arin-arina”, recorded at El Tigre Studios and with a video clip by @etxe.berria.

  • He BBK Bilbao Music Legends Fest He completes his poster with Chris Isaak, Uli Jon Roth, Nikki Lane, Luke Winslow-King and Willis Drummond, among others. The sixth edition will be held on June 23 and 24, 2023 at the Bilbao Arena. >> Continue reading

  • “Golden Viper” is the first preview of the new album from La Rioja Psycho Rebel Front. The song and video have been recorded live at FAC26 Studios in November 2022.

  • “NNN ZZZ” (Who Am I Who Are You)the first song in Basque by the Italian musician who lives in Zaldibia Flavio Banterla, has received the award for the best video clip in Basque at the Huhezinema festival. It was directed and produced by Aitor Arruti and the protagonist is Mateo Bánterla, the artist’s son who is only 3 years old. They collaborate on the single Maider Zabalegi (Alaitz eta Maider) and the Et Incarnatus Orchestra of Tolosa.

  • “Murru bat” is the new advance song of “AriNira” of Ghou, which will be released on March 17. It is the result of Gartxot’s joint work with Alejo Orbegozo, and the visual universe is the work of Osa and Mujica.
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  • Chill Mafia They say see you later with “La Gaztea” the same day they end their tour, with a badass dub single in which they return to the sound more typical of the collective.

  • STRENO // YOUR publishes the video clip of “Kotxe beltza”, the third song belonging to his second album, “The fears we kept”published by the label Airaka in early December. The video clip has been made by Amalur Films with editing by Fortes AV. >> Continue reading

  • Videoclip of “Zure Eguzkia”, new song by Nice from Patchouli, La Pegatina y Lisa Garcia.

  • “I’m not going to think about you” is the first of the 5 songs that will be published Yo, Gerard between January and March and that they will form an EP. The first one is titled “I’m not going to think about you.”

  • PREMIERE // The band from Bizkaia The connection presents us with the video clip of “Iparra galdu”, the second preview of his new EP that will be released soon. >> Keep reading

  • Duobitethe duo formed by the guitarist Josu Aguinaga (Smile, Era Batera or Doctor Deseo) and the drummer Andrés Letamendia (Lord Sickness, Los Clavos or Cancer Moon), publishes their second album, “Buenos chicos”. >> Disc review

  • the rappers Yours y Zyro Rodriguez collaborate on “Follow the wake”, produced by Soulfyah Productions and video clip by Filero Films.

  • The festival Mondra & Roll presents its poster for the 2023 edition. On July 7 and 8, the Monterrón park in Arrasate – Mondragón will witness some of the most coveted bands by the punk rock public at a European level: The Interrupters, Perkele, Bad Manners , UK Subs, Subterranean Kids…

  • The galeaSHOWroom initiative presented live McEnroe ft. Jimena for the 20th Anniversary of the band at Christmas 2022 at Sofás Cama Galea (Getxo). The recording includes the songs “Montreal”, “Las Mareas” and “A ray of light”.

  • Weeks shares two acoustic songs recorded in the Sastraka Gaztetxea library. “Iltzeak” is the acoustic version of the song on the album “Lau-Bat” and “Izate Partziala” is a song that was discarded in its day and is now being recovered in its acoustic version.
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  • Flamenco On Fire celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2023. Miguel Poveda will be the first to perform at the Baluarte Auditorium, on March 25 at 8:00 p.m., with a unique concert on his 2023 tour that will serve as a preview of the cultural event for which Navarra/Nafarroa is prepare.

  • Joseba Agirrezabalaga & Mikel Vega publican “Gluten”an album recorded in improvisation sessions with guitars and effects, published by the Urpa i musell label

  • El Negro, J. Muñoz & Muni ZZ they publish the single “Workclass”, with instrumentals by Kalyan Prod and recording by FEZZY JAY. The video clip is by Alex Maestre.

  • The people of San Sebastian Voodoo Impact They show us their most intimate and personal facet in their new single “Otro año más” with an ethereal and infinite riff, slower and more patient melodies and sing-along choruses with a tonic of self-improvement.

  • Anje Duhalde publishes “Muga bat beti hor”, created from the lyrics of Xabier Amuriza, and accompanied by great musicians: Txomin Duhalde on drums, percussion and vocals, Iñigo Telletxea on bass, Remy Gachy on guitar, Stell pedal and vocals , and Anje Duhalde himself on guitar and lead vocals

  • “Here Again” It is the first complete work of the singer-songwriter Sara Azurza. The album deals with the emotional cycle of life and reflects the different emotions and internal feelings that are part of it.

  • Pair presents a renewed tour with new songs that will gradually come out in single format, new variations of a proposal that, while remaining danceable, opens the spectrum to a different conception of the show. In his new single “Alta Gama”, he returns with satirical lyrics and rhythms that alternate tradition with the new sonic and visual avant-garde. This song has been produced by Mikel Irazoki.

  • desgaraian publishes its fourth song “Hamaika hitz”, with recording, mixing and mastering by Oihan Lizaso (Noisestudioa) and video by Zoe Martikorena.

  • The new EP of Akainak “God and dirty money” composed of 4 songs revolving around the same theme.

  • emerindathe group formed in Bilbao by Borja López de Guereñu and Javier Maculet, now living in Barcelona, ​​publishes the new single “Today I stay to sleep on your lips”.
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  • The band from Bizkaia explosion publishes the video clip of “Lagun Bat” whose lyrics are taken from a poem by Kirmen Uribe of the same name. The sound was recorded by cXanpe at the Koba studio and the video was filmed by Txaber Miravalles at the Gaztetxe Matrailu in Zornotza.

  • Vertigo Rock Festival will celebrate its 15th edition in Ermua on May 12 and 13 with fifteen performances: Ktulu, Bones of Minerva, Asgarth, Tugular, Adrenalized, Shöck…

  • the irun band Korkut publishes the video clip of “MCMIII”, their presentation song as an instrumental group.

  • PREMIERE // The Gipuzkoan quartet Natural Project celebrates its 30th anniversary by publishing the EP “Olabista” and the video clip of one of its songs, “Sin remedio”. >> Keep reading

  • Bilbao punk band Bistiwarrior publishes its first video clip as a band of the song “Ya no pintas con spray”, belonging to its latest album “Psychocivilized”(Julio, 2022).

  • Rekalde’s rock group Lazka opens with the album “Owner of Silence”.

  • On February 17, the Chilean Cristina Nareabased in Getxo, will publish “South wind”, an EP with 6 songs written and inspired by the Basque Country, its history, its mythology and its people. “Eguzkilore” is a breakthrough.

  • Wandering Lizardmusical alter ego of the Bilbao writer Asís Arana, has just published the video for “Hey”, an indie-rock version of the Julio Iglesias classic.

  • Durango groove metal band The Kraven publishes its third single “Fractal”, recorded at the Lorentzo Records studio in Berriz.

  • Maik Falls, alter-ego of the Bilbao producer Miguel Ibarretxe, publishes “Pause”, 12 songs that narrate everyday moments of any given day. In addition to the digital edition, it is published in white K7 with gold box and a CD Digisleeve edition with Black CD.

  • The Bilbao band Hoax Attack publishes the video clip of “Incertidumbre”, the first single from his third album that he will publish soon. The album was recorded in June 2022 at Koba Estudio by Xanpe, and the video clip was made by Voodka Studios.

  • The Navarrese Streetwise publish the single “Deus ez”, recorded by Julen Urzaiz at the Sound of Sirens studio in Iruña. The video-lyric is signed by Jon Gesta.


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