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Anne Wunsch and Denise Merten: Dispute over OnlyFans?

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Anne Wunsch and Denise Merten: Dispute over OnlyFans?

Why are Anne Wunsch and her ex’s new wife arguing? OnlyFans in particular is a problem!

Influencers Anne Wunsch and Denise Merten They probably won’t be friends anymore: Merten is married to Wunsch’s ex – Henning – and talks about this on Instagram, among other things OnlyFans his ex-wife funny. She doesn’t think anything of wishes taking off her clothes for money.

This has now led to a mega argument and now the followers of the two women are also getting involved. Merten now posted a picture of herself topless on Instagram and caused a stir Backlash.

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Anne Wunsch reacts to topless posting

That this posting for Anne wishes Double standards screams shouldn’t be surprising. She posted a story on Instagram reacting to the picture. In it she explained that she didn’t understand Merten’s criticism of her because, according to Wunsch, she “actually wants to take off her clothes for money.” She also accused her ex’s new wife of constantly secretly linking Playboy on her Instagram posts. The influencer further explained that Merten’s behavior was “no better.” Denise Merten vehemently denied these allegations.

Merten is also receiving criticism from followers: “Hahaha… But making fun of others,” wrote one user under Merten’s picture. “Oh man, first make fun of others and then do the same thing,” wrote another user. “Double standards send their regards, once again, I think that’s their thing now,” writes another follower, referring to the Mertens’ behavior.

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Backlash from fan base

Deniese Merten was also asked whether she would now start OnlyFans. She promptly responded with a reel, in which her husband Henning Merten also appears. “It makes you wonder, how grown up do you want to be?” wrote one user. Several followers commented that the influencers’ behavior was disrespectful and childish.

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The dispute between the Mertens and Anne Wunsch is probably far from over.

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