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Antonio Postius (Madee) makes his solo debut with “Misrepresent EP”

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Antonio Postius (Madee) makes his solo debut with “Misrepresent EP”

A Antonio Postius we know him right now for being a member of Madee, although throughout his career he has passed through various groups. He is now making his solo debut with his “Misrepresent EP”.

Antonio Postius militate right now in Madeebut fans will also be able to know him for having taken part in different group stages such as Mourn y Gyoza. In any case, today we are talking about him because he has just published what is his first solo Ep –although with invited friends– under his own name and which is entitled “Misrepresent EP”.

“Misrepresent EP” was recorded in the Nautical Studies of Arenys de Mar and in The Walled House of Tarragona in the middle of 2022, under the production of Lluís Cots y Victor Valiente (My captain, Sidonie and others).

Contains the songs “Confidante”, “Scattered” –with guitarist Fran Garbuglia–, “Rumination Without Solution” –with Proper noun as a guest—, “Rhinestone Cowboy” –version of the country singer Glen Campbell–, “Enlivened” –co-produced by Adrian Marva of Gyoza y Coherence– y “Misrepresent”.

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