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“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”: the Atlantean Hero special.

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“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”: the Atlantean Hero special.

Aquaman is a superhero who has been mistreated too many times and consequently mocked by many Comics readers, the fault of the super-friends series of the 70s and 80s, produced by Hanna & Barbera who created the character in a too superficial way.

With the release of the first film in 2017, Arthur Curry, played by Jason Montana, regained prestige and prestige, confirming this success also with the second feature film released at the cinema a few months ago.

DC Comics, to bridge the events that happened between the two films, created a special issue “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”, in which it explains certain situations that will then be seen in the film.

The work published by Panini Comics is divided into three stories: the first sees Arthur Curry who has to deal with environmental terrorists, led by a revolutionary woman named Great White who threaten the Science and Technology Conference at the Wayne Foundation with a metabomb , while he is preparing his wedding with Mera.

In the second it focuses on Black Manta and how he forms the army of his followers, the Manta Men, with whom he heads to Antarctica where something Atlantean has been found…

In the last chapter, the events focus on Arthur’s brother, Orm, who is taken to prisons located deep beneath the desert sands, guarded by the fearsome Deserters, vampire descendants of an ancient Atlantean tribe who abandoned the Ocean to hydrate with blood…

The authors Tim Seeley and Miguel Mendonca tried to give continuity and a narrative structure that linked the two cinematographic works, succeeding without creating discrepancies or paradoxes. All this, however, makes the story appear to be outside the continuity of the Aquaman comic, distorting some historical aspects, including the most striking: Arthur and Mera had already married in the album released on 18 December 1964.

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We can well say that it is a comic that took place in a parallel or alternative world, in a multiverse that is so fashionable today. Pleasant read, full of twists and turns but unfortunately too much of everything as an end in itself, as it is linked to the film. Among the three stories, the one that has greater depth both from a psychological and functional point of view for the continuation is inherent to Black Manta, while that of Aquaman, whose protagonists are the same as the actors in the film, one has the impression of reading a photo novel, maintaining the humor that the hero of Atlantis has too often lacked in past decades.

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